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From what I read they are. And they are right to be.

Note from David: Can we have some examples of "furious" German media, please?

Well just remember in the US there was VP Cheny and Haliburton.

I am sure most right thinking Germans will see no problem with this at all. Remember Germany considers Russia to be a very close ally, a major trading partner and a nation that is not a threat to world peace like the US.

The Germans also can do nothing but admire the human rights record of the Putin government. And as far as Iran is concerned, the idea of missle sales to by Russia is also a good idea. Especially given how Iran wants to send all those Jews back to Germany.

There is never any moral outrage about this.

"Schröders neuer Job stinkt seinen Ex-Kollegen" (Handelsblatt)
"Empörte Reaktionen über Schröders neue Position" (Die Welt)
"Empörung über Schröders neuen Posten" (Spiegel)
"Politische Entscheidung aus Eigennutz" (Stern)

(Note from David: These are all matter-of-fact type reports about the opinion of politicians and experts. Not one of these articles presents an own disapproving evaluation by these media.)

"Dass Schröder für seine Bemühungen mit einem Aufsichtsratsposten belohnt wird, ist anrüchig – unabhängig davon, ob und wie der Altbundeskanzler materiell davon profitiert. Denn der Einfluss der Regierung Schröder auf das Zustandekommen von Eon/Ruhrgas, auf das Pipeline-Projekt und auf dessen Streckenführung erscheint im Nachhinein als Einfluss des Interessenvertreters Schröder. Und: Als Vertreter der Eigentümer im Aufsichtsgremium stellt sich der Altbundeskanzler im Fall künftiger Interessenkonflikte klar auf die Seite beider Firmen – notfalls auch gegen das eigene Land." (Tagesspiegel)

(Note from David: That's indeed a critique of Schroeder's decision by a media outlet, not just a report about the opinion of others. Doubtlessly, there will be similar statements in the German media in the coming days: mildly disapproving, criticising the possible appearance of conflicts of interest.
That's not what I meant by "the German media will be furious". See under "Bush" for juicy examples of furious critique.)


Cannot believe you gave Q such a softball question.

(Note from David: See my response to Q above)


I would tell you so what if there is outrage on Friday before a weekend.

As they say “The day is young”. Let us see if this outrage goes on for years and years. Let us see if the media in German when Gerhard’s name appears is then followed with a line – Former German Chancellor responsible for the negotiation of the Gazprom agreement.

We all know this will be all over by spring.

Btw logging into Typekey has been a pain for days now


That's the nature of all outrages. By spring we'll have new things to be outraged about.


Well your elites and even the masses still like to slam our VP around because before he was elected he was the CEO of Hailburton.

I guess like normal since Gerhard is German he gets a pass but not an American.

Typical very typical of the shifting moral stance to be found in Germany.


Did you even notice that I criticise the move? And that the media doesn't seem to like it either?
That the SPD, the FDP and the Greens are critical?
(The only German politician to find Schroeder's new job "a normal thing" was the new conservative minister of the economy, Michael Glos (CSU)
Even the leftist taz is full of snarks.


Won't last. Just as you said. We agree.

I am sure there will not be the tailing comment either.

Wow! Almost equal to Clinton type greasiness.

Manual trackback - since Haloscan one failed:

Schröder does a Blunkett

As noted at David's Medienkritik and even by the BBC, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder seems to have done a Blunkett and got himself a nice little earner to help him manage life after being Chancellor.

Jumping Gerd Flash, it's a gas.

This gives a whole new meaning to the ubiquitous "It's all about oil" meme from the left.

Via Dissecting Leftism (wonderful, informative site:)

Marxist pilgrims from China can't wait to get to the capitalist shops: Thousands of Chinese tourists are exploiting their new freedom to make pilgrimages to the German birthplace of Karl Marx - and squeeze in some shopping as well. This year more than 30,000 people from across China will have visited Trier, near the border with Luxembourg - an invasion jokingly attributed to the "Marx Factor".... The Chinese, who have been allowed to travel to Germany freely only in the past two years, are now the second biggest group of visitors after the Dutch. After a visit to the museum, most go shopping, spending an average of 135 pounds a day on items such as non-stick saucepans, steel cutlery, chocolate, designer suits and Swiss army knives".

Future German chancellors will be sure not to offend Putin, for fear of jeopardizing their career path. The chancellorship is a mere stepping stone. The German people deserve better. (Who am I kidding?)


obviously you were expecting a flurry of comments in the press hours after the decision went public. You are asking a bit much...on a Friday.

I actually expect journalist to check the deal a bit before they dwell in "furious comments"

At the moment politicians and other public figures are doing that job.

More comments will be coming, maybe like this:

"Denn aus dieser Perspektive wirkt nun seine ganze Russlandpolitik wie eine Politik zum eigenen persönlichen Vorteil – erst recht, sollte die neue Aufgabe nicht ehrenamtlich sein." (Deutsche Welle)

Yes, it opens a can of worms (about Schroeder's all too cosy relationship with Putin). We'll hear more of that.
I would not exclude the possibility that public opinion will force Schroeder not to take the job.

Note from David: In my posting I made a prediction ("will be"). I didn't refer to a particular time frame. It was your decision to try to refute my position right away. Apparently you were in a hurry to be the first in the comment line...

How much money will Schröder make? WAZ wrote, 40.000 € a year and N 24 just said 40.000 € a month.

What did Schröder say in one of last speeches? That he knows where he belongs to and where he came from? Looks like he became more of a "locust".

What does the little man think about it? Any feelings of hate, any ressentiments?

Tagesspiegel online: NOTHING about Schröder available today but still headlines about al Masri and 9 articles! (BTW with a good interwiew with Schäuble and a great commentary: "Feige vor dem Feind! here

But why is the great article in TAGESSIEGEL in the ressort "economics"? How many people will read this part of the print newspaper? Please read it!

Such articles you donIt find often and when they are hidden in economics. Who wrote it? Nothing avalaible online.

I honestly don't know what all the fuss is about Schroeder accepting a job to work for the Russians(?)

After all, he has been working for the Russians in the question of the original East German Provinces and the expulsion of their native population, long before he took office as German Chancellor! So, what else is new?


@moonfarer - Please get real, the seabed pipeline does neither benefit Poland or the Baltics - all the nations that are in between Russia and Germany prefer more safe land pipelines. This relates not to the 1968er's political acceptance of the Oder-Neisse border but to Putin's old boys network in the East German business community. See: Dresdner Bank Head Warnig Linked to Putin's Spy Past, Der Präsident, die Stasi und der Banker

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