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Thanks a lot for your kind promotion of Misunderestimated Germans! And congratulations for winning Best European Blog 2005! You deserve it!

With warm regards,

Well done everyone.

OT but this is a funny article about an East German girl no married and living in America:


Ya know, I just shook my head when I saw the front page of the Sueddeutsche Zeiting on Wednesday with the headline, "Stanley Williams hingerichtet [executed]".

You mean to tell me that a newspaper out of Munich is soooooo concerned about an execution in California so as to make front-page headlines? C'mon!

@Motorhead: I guess you don't know SDZ. It's just a leftie propaganda sheet masquerading as a normal newspaper. Oh wait... normal newspapers in Germany ARE leftie propaganda sheets. Even the Rheinpfalz has been unbearable recently (CIA, el Masri, Tookie, US wiretaps.... WHAT other news?).

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