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This crap about asking about mistakes has to be snuffed. Why should Bush write the commercials for his opposition?
The next reporter who asks such a question, the response should be "Thank you" or "that is a stupid question" and the conference ended. FDR wouldn't even allow a direct quote of his answers.

Or don't get stuck on stupid.

Truth serum? Does this work outside the movies, or is it just like the sex serum?

This is a little off topic but I thought that everyone here should read this Christmas letter from a Soldier.

I think it will hit home.

Papa Ray

Sodium pentathol is kind of like alcohol in that it kind of removes things that limit your behavior. Alcohol doesn't make people fight or have sex, but it cripples the mechanisms that might otherwise prevent them. Truth serum doesn't make you tell the truth, but it does cripple the mechanisms that might make you lie. Unfortunately, it is also a narcotic, and you might also admit to torching the Hindenberg if asked the right way.

@Papa Ray -
Satire that eats like a meal.

@Doug - Oh I see, it's like the Wim Wenders movies.

By having others fight and bleed in his stead, the coward fancies himself unsullied, when in fact he is dirtiest of all.
Since 1945, Germans have been fortunate to be allied with America. It's now time for Germany to make its own naive way in a hostile world.

@FranzisM - LOL! Yes, like that.

Both Gedmin and Krauthammer are in fact supporters of torture. As such, they are opposed to American values. Theirs is the nihilistic anti-logic of the totalitarian, who twists language into mirror images of true meaning. It is the Gedmins and the Krauthammers who term torture "aggressive interrogation." They are the ones who would destroy freedom to save it; who would obliterate the truth to save the truth, and who, in the final analysis, hate the society they false claim to defend.

Yes. Anything more unpleasant than questions written on greeting cards with pictures of kittens is un-American, and should be strictly off-limits. When you start playing loud music at someone, or making them sit in uncomfortable positions, you've become just as bad as a terrorist.

In fact, they shouldn't even be asked direct questions, because thats putting the expectation of answers on them and that can be really stressful. I mean, imagine that I asked you "Why did you have 300. lbs of acetone peroxide, and who helped you make it?", and imagine that the honest answer would be "My cousin, some friends, and my brother-in-law whipped it up so that we could blow unsuspecting infidels to ropy bits." That's just not the sort of thing that you can admit without getting in trouble, so it's really impolite to ask in the first place.

@wilsonkolb - If preserving democracy with the help of the legal construct of the external state of emergency is already nihilistic, then what is the rule of sharia as a political system? However dark you paint America, all the other cultures whom we share the world with are still darker. Or do you live in the delusion Europe could survive alone in a hostile world?

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