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And enjoy your Pfannkuchen, you Berliners - and your Berliners, you other German folk out there etc.! <;-)

Brandenburg Gate, where the Germans drew the line against the Soviets. Or maybe it was drawn by someone else. It's so easy to forget when you're European.

Leben, Liebe und Freude in 2006! to you. Thanks for this blog and keep up the good work.

Happy, happy New Year everyone. Tomorrow I'll rip Gerh - what's his name? - anyway, I'll rip him a new one. Tomorrow. Right now, I'm, um, celebrating.

David and Ray, once again, many thanks.

A Happy New Year from the Pacific North West, and keep up the good work.

Happy New Year and thanks to David and Ray

from the Ruhrarea in Germany.

Gabi and N. Hale

One more time (from London): Happy New Year to everyone and to David and Ray, voices of truth.

Happy new Year!

Wo aber Gefahr ist, wächst das Rettende auch. - F. Hölderlin

Happy New Year everyone. I stayed in watching TV and, at taxpayers expense, got a nice chat with Haider all thanks to ARD. Otherwise it was a enjoyable "slide" into January here in Berlin. According to Merkel, yesterday was the day for party and today was the day to put ideas into action! My head hurts though so perhaps we can start tomorrow.

We haven't forgotten about responding to Florian Guessgen's latest Stern piece. Holiday travels and family gatherings have simply delayed things a bit. We will have that up for you within 48 hours.

It's about time! :-)

The Guessgen article appeared on December 20, your latest posting about it is from December 22. Since then you made the following postings:

  • December 23, "The FAZ Cultural Section’s Anti-Bush Rage"
  • December 23, "German Training Program for Iraqi Police Falling Apart"
  • December 24, "Merry Christmas and Frohe Weihnachten"
  • December 26, "German Humor at Its Best"
  • December 26, "Susanne Osthoff: The Happy Hostage"
  • December 27, "Patriot Act: Facts vs. Fiction"
  • December 28, "Kidnapped Chrobog: Will 'Soft Power' Help?"
  • December 29, "Renditions Started on Clinton's Watch"
  • December 30, "So Much German Applause for Kofi Annan!"
  • December 30, "Europe in Firm Grip of Global Warming"
  • December 31, "Germany's Iran Policy: Follow the Money"
  • December 31, "Gerhard Schroeder: Vladimir Putin's "Western Collaborator"

After waiting for such a long time I'm expecting a major response to Guessgen now!

Come on guys, let's go!!!

@ hingerl

And you might have noticed that David authored everything from December 23 to December 30. I was the one engaged in the debate with Guessgen and was away for the holidays during that week with family for Christmas. I am back now and will have that up right away. Man are you folks ever demanding! :)

My glass of champagne is raised to the Good Germans here in 2006:-)

A healthy, happy 2006 to all.

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