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The same thing happened in Afghanastan. Limited to the city of Kabul, the German police training program never effectively got off the ground and, in order to avoid an "incident", the US just quietly took charge of the program.

What, pray tell, does "they were physically unsuited to it." mean? They were disabled? fat? too small? to big? There's not much information in that statement.

They can't even manage to train groups of 30 Iraqis without the program breaking down

<-Querdenker/ordinary German mode->
This is another blatant exaggeration. Please note there were 30 Iraqis in January. By now there are surely about 90 Iraqis being trained. I hope DMK will make the appropiate correction, but I won't hold my breath considering the right-wing bias of this site (also confirmed by Stern). That's all I have to say about this slanted criticism of the German contribution to the fight against terrorism.
<-End Querdenker/ordinary German mode->

90 trainees in a country of 28,000,000 people. Es ist kein program.

Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas!

Deutsche Welle is certainly no Stern, Der Spiegel or the (used to be somewhat credible) BBC. I hope someone in Germany reads it (the website). For example:

Europe | 22.12.2005
2005: The Year The EU Would Rather Forget
"People will tell you next that Europe is not in a crisis," Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker said after the meeting he chaired disintegrated. "It is in a deep crisis."

Imagine the hollywood action-drama movie style cover Stern/Spiegel could do - EUROPA IST KAPUTT!!?

To offer poor training is to subvert Iraqis' efforts toward freedom and independence. This is beyond a scandal. It is immoral.

Yeah, we saw how good the German police were in MUNICH 1972!

No thanks.


Somehow, I think the Iraqis will survive and find a way to cope with the disappointment. Twenty or thirty years from now, Iraq will be like France or Germany – they won't like us, either, but at least they won't be launching attacks. We can live with that.

In that old joke about European Heaven and European Hell, Hell had German policemen. It wasn't supposed to be hellish because of lax training programs and unserious German adherence to rules. Oh well, I guess it's just a different kind of joke now.

How demoralizing must it be for the professionals in the police to be rejected by a fledgling Iraqi government for incompetence in police training! Herr Schroeder must be proud of his legacy in Iraq.

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