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and its not only her thats been released!

Check LGF:


Anyone know anything about this?

The whole affair smells somewhat fishy or is it just me who doesn't trust a Muslim convertite?

It apperars that Germany has released the killer of Robert Stetham, the Navy diver, after only 17 years in jail. I guess that's the German form of compassion that we hear so much about.

"Sorry, Mr. & Mrs. Stetham. We needed to restore his liberty to appease some other criminals."

To be a fly on the wall...

some background information, concerning the case of Hamadi:

He was sentenced and has served his time in prison. His case wasn't handled any differently to that of a German who had murdered another german. This is just the way our justice systems punishes murderers. Normally they sit for 15 years and thats it. We can still discuss wether this is a reasonable law, but to change it the law would have to be changed. After WWII the western allies tought us this new concept, the rule of law, and as a result to imprison somebody there has to be a fair trial with an independent court and a law prohibiting the offence in question and describing the punishment.

Asking the Chancellor to imprison him further or to handle him over, doesnt work, because the Chancellor doesn't have the power to order this. You see, after WWII, the western allies thaught us this other thing as well, separation of powers, where we formerly only had one Fuehrer, and as a result the whole question is decided by the courts and the justice system and not the executive branch of government.

And by the way, it is forbidden here, as in other european nations, to exradite somebody to a nation, where he might be in danger of execution. Thats just the law, and it would have to be changed before this could be done. To do this you would have to persuade parliament and to do this the majority of germans would have to be more favorably towards capital punishment, which they simply aren't.

And in my eyes this is NOT a question of pro- or antiamericanism, but of values and ethics, which really seem to differ a bit on different sides of the atlantic. Still I feel it as a bit strange, that these values were previously taught to us by your ancestors.

anyway, just some thaugts I had...



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