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"Global warming" is no longer the fashionable term. The correct term is "global climate change." This way, it doesn't matter if it's hot or cold or rainy or dry. All bases are covered.

It is America's fault that poor English guy froze to death.

Lou, you didn't go far enough: It's America's fault if the temperature, anywhere, at any time, is not what you personally consider to be "normal."

What we are seeing here is "weather", not Climate Change or any indicator of Climate Change. To hold up a cold spell as a indicator that Global Warming, or Climate Change if that is your choice, is not occuring is just a wrong as those who point to "the warmest year, week,day, what ever, in 4 decades" as proof that Global Warming is upon us. Neither pontification is valid.

Note from David: Which was the sole reason for this posting.

uuuuh, Joe.... we are in violent agreement. I guess we should start using the
/ sarcasm on
/ sarcasm off
indicator. ;-)

The Vatican sent exorcists to France and Switzerland during the late 1400s to drive away "Santan" when glaciers in the Alps swallowed up whole villages.

Interesting to see if the German elite will ask their new “homey” Benedict to send an army of exorcist to drive away the bad “American made” cold wave.

Send it to Chicago. We had snow Christmas morning and now it's all gone.

It's blah.

Interesting. I showed up for a tour of duty in Germany in December 1984. It was colder than a witches, uh, stare, and I froze my who-who off sleeping in the back of deuce-and-a-halfs in what was described as the coldest winter since WWII. No one was crying about "climate change" back then (instead, everyone was going "nuclear" -- pun intended -- over Reagan's nuclear missile policy).

I'm now living near where I was stationed back then. It's cold here, but nothing proper layering can't handle.

And, as a former Chicagoan, I've been watching the weather there recently. Now, *that's* winter weather.

@Sandy P. - At least the Bears are hot this year.

Oh. I just looked at the thermometer. It's 19 degrees F outside right now in our little corner of northern Bavaria. That's a bit chilly, indeed. So, what I said before about Chicago...nevermind.

This is what is refered to here as a "snow day!" Ask any child they will explain it to you. hehehe

@George M - Germany is allied with France, but it is not France. It should be sufficient that Benedict comes from a bishopric founded by the guy who replaced the pagan patron of the weather with Saint Peter.

Can you please post a link to the French glacier exorcists?

Years ago, a Canadian politician, was asked what will be the effects on Canada if global warming(ok global climate change) occurs. She said that people would eventually move to the parts of Canada and Siberia that thawed out. Such honesty is simply not part of the debate.


Here is a more recent link to French exorcisms from the early 1800s:


My orignal information came from a documentary that ran on the History Channel, which is similiar to the Discovery Channel that you get in Germany. Europe suffered a climate change that ruined crops and caused the glaciers to grow around the late 1400s. There are books by an author named "Fagan" that are advertised on Amazon.com. that directly address the "Mini Ice Age."

Remember, Benedict is now the commander in chief of all exorcists...in the world;-)...not just Germany or Europe.

George M - That's why it is good that his command post is just inside the Greenhouse that Europeans imagine to shield us from the current geopolitical instability. If he would remove that mental barrier before the political climate outside was improved sufficiently, then Europe's will to live would be in question. It is not an insignificant detail that the name of the emission control treaty was derived from a nuclear bombing target. The Greenhouse is what is thought to be between us and the last things. In other contexts Europe could just as easily mindfuck America, but a partner who is violated in his pride would be of little use, and each culture must be left its ontological sovereignty.

BTW, here are instructions how you can make links in your comments clickable.

"It's a Germany-and-Europe-hating-page after all, nothing else" Imn

Actually, if you have been following this blog for some time at all you should understand it is devoted to exposing the America bashing in the German media and geneal euro-hypocrisy - and the whole Kyoto brouhaha is a prime example of the latter

Climate change? I am more than ready to discuss the idea that our climate is changing - in fact, it has always been changing - you might have heard of these things called Ice Ages. There is an animated film of the same name if you need to be brought up to speed.

What we, if I may presume to speak for the group, disagree with is that human activity is the prime cause of any current climate change, much less that American activity is solely to blame - or that adherence to the fatally flawed Kyoto protocal would do anything to halt or slow any climate change happening right now

Its not laughing at anyone for dying - and you won't find George Bush or any local Republican candidates trying to improve his election chances with posters showing coffins of any dead europeans - unlike our German friends practice - its making clear the idiocy that is the whole Kyoto focus


Franzis: BTW, here are instructions how you can make links in your comments clickable.

I've never used that "p" thingy before. I usually just go straight to the "a href=" part when I'm doing a link. What does the "p" thingy do?

@Pogue Mahone - Thanks for reminding me to check this again. Rolf Schwanitz now is employed in the Health Ministry, which certainly is a better place for a coffin fetishist than the Chancellery or the Foreign Ministry.

@LC Mamapajamas - The <p> tag is the paragraph delimiter. If you write a blog comment, usually the blog does the formatting for you.

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