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Get 'em Glenn Greenwald! Mr. Greenwald is absolutely right about the Europeans' "holier-than-thou attitude." It reminds me of Fischer's remark prior to the resumption of hostilities in Iraq: "Amerika hatte kein Verdun (America had no Verdun)." I have mentioned that remark here before, but it bears repeating for any who are not familiar with it and because of the astounding stupidity of the remark. The European elites no doubt found the remark somehow enlightening.

P.S. For those unfamiliar with the brutal story of Verdun: It was part of the FIRST World War. Fischer's implication was that the Europeans had learned something from it. What a genius.

Anyway, Greenwald has it figured out.

Isn't there another word for people seeing enemies everywhere? Paranoia?

And if these "enemies" really exist. Why are they there? Because they all started trouble with the one ond only peaceful nation?

If I had only enemies I'd question myself why.

But then - who's Glenn Greenwald? He may have a very narrow sight of the world! Maybe there less enemies as he suspects.


America and democracy have many enemies: Nazis, Fascists, Islamofascists and Leftists. They are all essentially the same, but democracy, freedom and self-determination will win. You and your totalitarian brothers will lose.

"If I had only enemies I'd question myself why."

Is that what the Jews of Europe should have done in the 1940's?

They sure seemed to have nothing but enemies - wonder what they did to make themselves so unpopular - and what they could have done to make themselves liked?

Oddly - the Jews of Israel today have to same issue - of course many of our European friends today are perfectly comfortable in suggesting that it is indeed THEY who are the problem

See - its those damn stubbon Yids - all 5M of them living on 1/100th of the land area of the Middle East - not the 300M Arabs living on 99/100th's of the land - who are the cause of the trouble : )

@ Thade:

Mr. Greenwald's acknowledgement of the fact that the United States has enemies is hardly tantamount to "seeing enemies everywhere." He is simply stating the truth. And nowhere does Mr. Greenwald state how many or few enemies he believes the United States to have. Your use of the word "paranoia" to describe Americans is a quite common trait of late in the German holier-than-thou, preach-down-to-Amerika crowd. How would Germans react if terrorists blew up the Reichstag and two towers in Frankfurt and killed 2900 people? Would it be right for others to call them paranoid for wanting to defend themselves? Put the shoe on the other foot before you go off half-cocked my friend...

And by the way Thade, if - God forbid - some Islamofascist puts a bomb on the bus or train you are on are you still going to ask yourself why he/she hates you and moralize about it? Should the Jews have asked themselves why the Nazis wanted to exterminate them? Sometimes its better to defend yourself first and ask questions second when dealing with people like Osama bin Laden or Adolf Hitler. I'm not saying the United States should never examine its motivations or actions...far from it. But the US also should not question how right it is to fight Al-Qaeda or wonder why "they hate us" too much. Some people are blind fanatics and need to be stopped.

But then - who's Glenn Greenwald? He may have a very narrow sight of the world! Maybe there less enemies as he suspects.
That has to be one of the laziest comments I've ever read. Either you didn't read the article or your critical faculties are flacid.

For me, the key graph is
Right under the noses of the European Left, European Muslim extremists – whom the European Left instinctively defends -- have been systematically executing scores of people for the last several years: innocent people, not mass murderers, who have been randomly slaughtered, without any due process or judicial appeals of any kind. They murder film makers and journalists and they blow up hotels, synagogues, and European mass transit systems. Where is the “outrage” over these incidents from the European Left, which (unlike the murderous United States) cares oh-so-much about principles of non-violence, human rights and the sanctity of life?

Certainly this behavior defines hypocrisy. Hypocrisy born of fear and impotence.

When you have no dick, big, swinging or otherwise, do your best to castrate everyone else.

Which is how they have come to be know as the EUnichs.

@ beimami

What do you mean with Leftists? Do you mean Punks?
If yes, Nazi is on the right arrow and punks on the left arrow.
I now many punks, they are all nice ppl.

But another thing, Greenwald is to pin down the europeans.... mmh, I am asking my self if there in america will go on the same thing... antieuropean, has he said something about that?


Punks? No, I didn't mean punks. Punks are people who have embraced and celebrate alienation and hopelessness. I can certainly understand why young Europeans might take this route. Punks are a symptom of Socialism.

By Leftists, I mean large portions of the European and American academic, media and political classes and their adherents, who have apparently convinced themselves that they have a moral duty to implement their Socialist utopian delusions worldwide (with them effectively in charge of course).

And most of the people I mean are essentially very decent and agreeable people (as long as you don't discuss the U.S. or Isreal with them). It is the ideology that is dangerous, not the individual.

It was stated earlier...

And if these "enemies" really exist. Why are they there? Because they all started trouble with the one ond only peaceful nation?

If I had only enemies I'd question myself why.

OK Let us look at that.. ONLY Enemies? what about the Kurds? they love the U.S. by and large despite
the fact the US has not always been great to them.
Israel? well let us say that Israel is a Tätervolk.. so are the Amis..
that is why they get long so well together.
Japan? The first non-domestic military involvement of the Japanese since the war.
Australia? John Howard and George Bush are practically twins.
etc. etc. etc.

and in the case where there are enemies.. isn't there a German saying keine Feinde, keine Ehre?

why does the US have enemies? well what Tätervolk doesn't?

and as far as why the Germans hate the US.. well let Broder nail it like he usually does..


Zach - as long as we stick to generalities ( yes - there are always exceptions ) - there was virtually no anti-european attitude among Americans prior to 2002 - it was mostly a caricature of beer drinking germans, wine drinking frenchies, etc

After 2002 when the duplicity of our so-called "Allies" was made clear - meaning deliberate efforts at obstruction, not just "we don't agree with you" - there has been an increase in anti-European sentiment over here

And may I say - its about damn time

Because the America bashing in Europe didn't start when Bush was elected - it was the same song back in the 1980's with Reagan and has grown exponentially since the end of the Cold War ( which had nothing to do with Reagan and was inevitable of course right )

Its been a growing sentiment in dying Europe to stave off introspection by making comparisons to the USA and proclaiming superiority

Its been going on for many years - and its only now that many Americans realize this

So this second "defence" - You do it too! - is not true either

If someone consistently called you a dirty name - and you finally return the sentiment after years of indifference - you are both not equally to blame

I think the definition is correct but the problem lies much deeper than that. For many Europeans their irrational anti-Americanism is not the irrationality that this definition would conclude. Their Weltanschauung and their definition of "Americanism" is the actual problem. Based on this viewpoint, many of their opinions are quite rational. Their opposition to war, their disgust at the death penalty, their concerns of losing the social state, their fear of US World domination and the associated Bush derangement syndrome are quite rational conclusions based on irrational facts and a bonkers understanding of the world. Red-Green have played upon this world view to form a new understanding (some may argue an old understanding) of German nationalism. In the 21st Century they can sell/ identify with Germany as a peaceful, humane, social and inteligent alternative model to the USA. Most anti-Americans see themselves as the "good" guys making a bold and brave stand against the "bad" and the irrationality is not in the decisions and opinions themselves so much as the facts and viewpoint from which they are made.

It's not America they hate, it's George Bush, whom I might add, is extremely unpopular with about 50% of the US population - for dragging into a messy war, for letting the Clinton surplas evaporate, for favouring the rich...let's also make clear that Germans aren't socialist, communists or fascists - the mainstream political stance here isn't much different from the Democrats in the US. And why is the economy so screwed? Well adopting 20 million East Germans has bankrupt the country. 15 years ago the "socialist" West German economy was outperforming the US - tides turn quickly...

Genosse, Yes, most Germans hate the US. They only pretend it is George Bush. This hate has been around long before Bush was ever elected.
Wait and see what will happen because of the War, just suppose it will bring democracy to the entire middle East?
The Clinto surplus was only hypothetical.
Yes, Germans are Socialists. Government care from cradle to Grave is socialism at it's finest.
Don't buy the media spin blaming the Wiedervereinigung for the bankrupt economy. Don't you pay "Wiedervereinigungs steuer?"
The reasons Germany is and will remain bankrupt are many, not the least very poor productivity, the high cost of doing business there and the demographics that will totally destroy the country. Just wait 15 years, when the demands by the retirees goes awry. This happened to begin during the "Wirtschaftswunder". Too bad, it didn't come with instructions. It will get worse, not better.

I remember that great Clinton surplus

I also remember when it went away - when the Internet bubble burst in March 2000...wow - 8 months before Bush was "selected" ; )

And how many billions was wiped out then? Makes the 1980's S&L debacle look like a childs piggy bank

But Clinton gets credit for a "great economy and surplus" and no one notices how it was all a bubble that burst

And how about Bush - does he get credit for the many billions increase in home values that has happened from 2001-2005?

Many homes have increased in value from 30-100% -

Ah why bother - it just cracks me up to hear another european telling me about the wonderful Clinton economy

We had a boom in the 1990's - nothing to do with Clinton except that he didn't interfere and fuck it up ( although his wife tried with Hillarycare in 1993 - whew! )

And then we had a Republican Congress from 1994 ( first time in 40 years! ) to keep Clinton in check

Now my friend - maybe you can tell me what Clinton did - proactively did - to create this wonderful economy and surplus

Lets hear it


Name an elected leader in euroland who would not be happy with a 50% approval rating. I ask because I cannot.

Of course, hating the POTUS and not hating America is so protypical of the euros. They never seem to be able to make a choice on anything.

Why not cut this a little finer and say you only hate the POTUS and those who voted for him. That at least leaves you 48% of America that you like.

Does anyone other myself ever note how much hate there seems to be in euroland?

There are so very unhappy people living there.

Anti-Americanism is just another way of saying "The Check Is Late."

Anti-Americanism is not about America, it is the symptom of a conflict between the concept of divine rights and the concept of divine laws.

On one side the assumption that every individual is born with inalienable divine rights, and that it is left to man to make laws to protect them. On the other side the assumption that there were inviolable divine laws (or laws of nature, laws of history) that define which man is bestowed which rights. These two understandings must necessarily conflict until one wins over the other.

@Pogue Mahone -
Now my friend - maybe you can tell me what Clinton did - proactively did - to create this wonderful economy and surplus

Lets hear it

Well, Mr. Know-It-All-Smarty_Pants, I guess you forgot that his vice-president invented a little thing called the internet! Yeah! And that's how we got a "new economy", remember? The old one was all gone - we had a new one now! But now that the Chimporer has taken us back to the 1950's (which I've heard has been the goal of every Republican since the 1960's), we've got the old economy again. And he eats homeless kittens.

@Walter -
Anti-Americanism is just another way of saying "The Check Is Late."

Swoosh Three points for Walter. Nothing but net.

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