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Since when do you use Sitemeter?

Okay, I did my math. 4800 visitors per day, suggests that you have been using Sitemeter for 400 days. However, the sitemeter statistics "average per day" applies only to recent weeks, does not it? Two million is very impressive and it does not matter, if it has been achieved in 400, 500 or 600 days. I am just curious.

Congrats to you guys at David's Medienkritk! I have enjoyed your site since shortly after you started. I continue to applaud you in your enlightenment of Germany.

A well deserved win, gents. You've certainly opened my eyes to what's really happening in Germany these days, and for that I am grateful. More importantly, I think you're making a difference! Think of yourselves as the "South Park Conservatives" of Europe, whose insistent voice is changing the tenor of public debate "Over there." Keep up the good fight.

@ Atlanticus,

Believe it or not, we didn't have many visitors when we first started out. We had to work hard to earn the sizable audience that we have today. As far as I can remember (and we will have to ask David) the sitemeter has been on the site since basically the beginning in August 2003 (before I even joined the site the next month).

Congratulations, David and Ray.

Almost every day I read your weblog. It is my favorite.

(beside my husband's:

Saturday, 17 December 2005
Open Letter From United States Democratic Party to Islamofascist Terrorists
Dear Terrorists,...

here more, if you like)

Reading David's Medienkritik has helped a lot through the dark days of hatred in Germany against everything, regarding America.

Congratulations! In September 2003 your blog answered my most pressing question: I was not the only sane person in Germany, surrounded by politically manipulated zombies. The revelation that there were others like me was a huge relief.

I wish those two million visitors were mainly Germans. They are the ones who need it most. In the US the blog "movement" has made huge steps in the last two-three years. It has become more and more part of the media landscape. Blogs are more and more mentioned on TV, newspapers and, of course, talk radio. Ordinary people start knowing who Instapundit is.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Germany. My personal opinion - and I might be wrong - is that very little has changed in those years. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that, when it comes to change, Americans embrace it and Germans brace themselves. I don't see signs of improvement.

However, this is a fight worth fighting. And it's really a fight ! A fight against all that is wrong with the German media, half-truths, distortions, insinuations, interpretations etc. We can only hope that the German people will eventually get the chance to actually choose what they believe instead of being spoon-fed with the one and only Greater Truth.

You're simply the best!



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