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Totally off topic, but I thought I'd pass it on...about two weeks ago I was in Cologne to check out the Christmas market and the Koelner Dom [cathedral].

I was shocked to see outside the Dom that there was a gathering of people with a stand and someone else passing out literature about the forced labor camps in China. What, a protest and people taking a stand about a brutal regime here in Germany?

There is hope, and kudos to those who took the time do what they feel is right.

I know its only a little joke, but I think Merkel know the word help ;)
But that she will pronaunce the word "the" as an "zee"... that I can imagine ^^

But when I hear an american speaking german it is funny as well for me :D

What do you mean with the brutal regime here in germany?

No that would be too boring... that can go better:

Angie: We strongly agree that the madman in Iran must not have a nuclear weapon. Mr. Putin, you can't win against the jihad in Chechnya with tyranny and brute force, as little as you could win in Afghanistan. Are you really so cowardly to wait for another Nordost or another Beslan before you give up your silly blockade of Vienna? Soon the IAEA is going to vote again on Iran, and we expect you to pull your head out of the sand before that date. Tear down that wall in your head that causes you to veto the diplomatic process on Iran.

Condi: We have also agreed to extend our common support for the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Since Gazprom already charges Ukraine like an European country, NATO will accellerate the accession process, and the neigboring outpost of tyranny in Belarus will have another incentive to open up itself for democracy. Mr. Putin should know that we fully support the European campaign to bring forward the diplomatic process on Iran, such as Mr. Yushchenko already does.

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