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more puns per paragraph then ever!!

so youre saying that germany, the home of protestantism and communism has to get CATHOLIC women to come out against turning grown women into sexual organs for hire?!!
where are the reds? wheres' the lutherans?
oh yeah, I forgot, theyre out hating bush!!

the best thing I have heard so far was a friend from berlin, east berlin to boot, bitching about how there are no tickets left for berliners!!!!
HA!! so let me get this straight, he's bitching about capitalists, based on sports, and he's from a former slavestate..
has europe just completely lost it orwhat?
nice cars though. duuuuh.
seen this?

As PacRim Jim says, soccer (football) is "short men incapable of scoring disporting themselves before fat men incapable of scoring." The hookers will be needed all 'round.

Einmal soll noch jemand behaupten, wir Deutschen würden für unsere Gäste nichts auf die Beine stellen :P

Pacster, already playing golf or still having sex?

There are good argumrents for and against legalizing prostitution.
The problems are that it's more difficult for the police to check out criminal traficking of women from eastern Europe.

Ha! I went to one of the inaugural balls for Clinton's first inauguration. My first trip to the ladies room was an eye-opener. All the pros were in town from all over the world - not just Vegas and NY - Paris, Berlin, etc. I had a great time with them. They had all come with their 'dates', so they didn't have to spend time trolling for - um - dates.

They were very blunt, tho'. It's a hard and mostly degrading life. They were in it for the money. And without ONE exception - they despised men.

It was very sad. But they were great company. I even introduced my husband - who was slack-jawed when he first understood - lord, that was funny!

Anyhow, I hope they all made it out of that business with all the money in the world and are ok now.

40,000 hookers is silly propaganda. It wasn't a credible estimate back in November. And now we know it has been wrong.

"The hordes of beer-swilling men who have descended on Germany for the World Cup are proving a disappointment for the host nation's sex workers, preferring to party in public rather than spend time with prostitutes."

Where did N24 and all the other media outlets get this 40,000 number from?

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