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Seems SPIEGEL, STERN, et.al., have been so obsessed with the evil empire lo these many years, they weren’t even aware of the evil brewing in their own back yard. Now that the chickens have come home to roost, they pretend not to notice them. Once again an old truth manifests itself: the Mainstream Media of the world have no country. Yes, my friends, the silence of the lambs repeats itself, even in the evil empire itself. There is not the slightest mention of the Paris riots on the front page of the Washington Post today. I wouldn't be surprised if the NYT were equally mum. Odd, isn't it. After all, as SPON has helpfully informed us so many times, the U.S. MSM is in "lockstep" with the Bush Administration. What incredible, incorrigible bunglers they are. Here's a story tailor made to draw away attention from the CIA leak case, but what do we find on the front page of the WaPo? Let's see: "Bush's Popularity Reaches New Low," "Libby Pleads Not Guilty in Leak Case," "U.S. Faces Scrutiny Over Secret Prisons," and "Drought Magnifies Hunger, Suffering of Children in Malawi." No doubt there's an agenda at work here. These headlines and the profound lack of interest in the riots must somehow work in favor of the Administration, in a way too profound for mere mortals like me to grasp. They must! After all, SPON has told us that the U.S. MSM are mere tools of the Administration. If SPON said it, it must be true!

One can only shrug one's shoulders and recall with relief that the German authorities will never have to face similar woes. As we know from reading SPON and STERN, they are not like those in other countries, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as those Americans. (see Luke 18:11 for those of you who are not, like us Americans, all rabid Christian fundamentalists). No-o-o-o-o! In Germany the minorities are respected and treated as equals, and housing discrimination is absolutely unheard of. NOT!

Well, guess we'll just have to make the best of a bad situation. The situation is dire and getting worse, so we must act quickly. I propose the U.S. intervene unilaterally, and send a special task force to France, led by Michael Moore, with Noam Chomsky as his chief of staff. It should consist of 25,000 "Friedensforscher," 25,000 "root causes" researchers, 25,000 multi-cultural sensitivity trainers, and 25,000 spin doctors, to insure that, whatever happens, it will be described as a great success. Of course, we are running a budget deficit here, so the tickets will have to be one way.

Helian? Are we allowed to second or was this just rhetorical? Just to anticipate your answer, I second the motion and call for a vote. The ayes have it, someone please get the tickets. Hurry it up, we're wasting daylight.

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