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Another subject:

I think this is really much too late but finally they understood that the nonsense in the media needs some answers.

Please read this:

"Setting the Record Straight: The New York Times Editorial on Pre-War Intelligence

The New York Times Editorial Says Foreign Intelligence Services Did Not Support American Intelligence. "Foreign intelligence services did not have full access to American intelligence. But some had dissenting opinions that were ignored or not shown to top American officials." (Editorial, "Decoding Mr. Bush's Denials," The New York Times, 11/15/05)


Clinton said also this:

"When I left office, there was a substantial amount of biological and chemical material unaccounted for. That is, at the end of the first Gulf War, we knew what he had. We knew what was destroyed in all the inspection processes and that was a lot. And then we bombed with the British for four days in 1998. We might have gotten it all; we might have gotten half of it; we might have gotten none of it. But we didn't know. So I thought it was prudent for the president to go to the U.N. and for the U.N. to say you got to let these inspectors in, and this time if you don't cooperate the penalty could be regime change, not just continued sanctions."
Bill Clinton, July 22, 2003

Bring the Troops HOME!

From Germany!

I mean VE Day was the 8th of May l945.
Isn't 60 years enough time to have finished the job?
How about Bosnia? Ten years so far, how long
will we continue that quagmire

Erdapfel oder Kartoffel?

Remember the context.

Even if you set the "translation tricks" aside, the nature of the line of questioning is more provocation than journalism. The earlier interview by Der Spiegel with the investment banker from Goldman Sachs was even worse. It seemed that of the twenty or so questions, the vast majority were negative...negative...and, more negative. His final answer said it all. Germany needs optimism more than anything, and this kind of journalism in certainly not helping matters.

"SPIEGEL: Will the present contempt for Europe in the US recede eventually?

Um, that would be "No".

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

@ Dan K

Please dont bring all the troops out of Germany... their presence here makes some of us feel safer.

Germany does not need more optimism. Germany needs a reality check.

France along with other memebers of the chocolate summit will provide all the protection Europe needs and deserves.

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