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Schröder was pissed when the media stopped licking his boots after the Bush reelection, and whined that they were trying to write him off when he stumbled on his illusions. Now the same thing happens to the media themselves, and Der Spiegel is loosing its lead role. The most likely candidate to win it over is Cicero, which was raided by Otto Schily over Iran documents such as Der Spiegel once was raided by Franz-Josef Strauss over Russia documents. Cicero is, of course, a Ringier product.

Looks like Schröder needs Ringier more than Ringier needs Schröder. Cicero says that he was hired as an advisor, not as an editor. Maybe he hopes the backslapping he enjoys so much could pilot Michael Ringier around (dis)covering the Preussag deal. Oh my.

Ach der Gerd wird mir fehlen - Nach Adenauer und Kiesinger endlich mal wieder ein Kanzler von Statur. In seinem Fall mit dem erkennbaren Willen, für Deutschland wichtige außenpolitische Korrekturen sowohl die Bildung neuer Partnerschaften als auch einen erfrischend neuen Umgangston mit unseren östlichen Nachbarn betreffend vorzunehmen.
Deutschlands ersten halbwegs echten Auslandseinsatz und seine herrliche Einstellung zur Forschungspolitik nicht zu vergessen! Sich in Punkto Arbeitsmarkt- und Wirtschaftsreformen gegen die Blockade des Bundesrats nicht wehren zu können, kann man allenfalls der Verfassung zur Last legen.

So jemand gehört sich per großem Zapfenstreich verabschiedet, der Gerd hat da prima reingepasst. Ob man das von der Angela auch mal wird sagen können - na warten wirs ab :)

Ich wünsch dem Herrn auf jedenfall das Beste

Wow, Zyme. You certainly see it differently than I do. But maybe I shouldn't be surprised.
I consider Schröder's Amtszeit to have been a catastrophe -- or was it a quagmire?? ;-)
-- No progress on unemployment, but of course, how could there be? There was no effort on the part of his administration to make conditions better for business (who in turn hire employees) because of course business is the enemy for the socialists;
-- A provokative poisoning of the relationship with the USA, sacrificing the alliance for domestic political expediency;
-- Turned over the foreign policy keys to the French (why do you suppose Angie went there first? To get the keys back!) with disasterous results;
-- No attempt to curb the growth or influence of government;
-- No progress on Iran (although I suppose Iran has made a LOT of progress if you know what I mean);
-- Rechtschreibung. Need I say more? Germany needed a reform there like an additional hole in the head.
-- Supervised and indeed created the conditions for 7 years of Wertenzerfall and Gottentfremdung. I don't know if those are real words, I just now invented them.
-- Continued financial support for tyrants, dictators, and terrorists around the world; and
-- A too-little-too-late attempt to rein in the growth of the Nanny State that accomplished really nothing.

I could go on, but I think you get the drift. Westerwelle said it best when he commented that Schröder turned Germany back over in much worse shape than he got it.
What I personally wish him is a swift kick in the arse. And maybe loss of hair so no one has to accuse him anymore of dying it.

@Zyme - Before you start thinking of Schröder as a contribution to more sovereignty, consider how the Bundeswehr deployments were announced in his own words:

"Wir führen keinen Krieg, aber wir sind aufgerufen, eine friedliche Lösung im Kosovo auch mit militärischen Mitteln durchzusetzen."

"We are not at war, but we are called to enforce a peaceful solution by military means." That's classy as Kerry. Is it any surprise that Schröder has left behind more confusion on issues of war and peace than he had inherited, and wanted to send Bundeswehr to Jenin?

Are you sure that isn't Ringling Bros?

Well at least he created 1 job in his 7 years in office.

Is Michael Ringier's company the elephant graveyard of German politicos? A more likey theory is that Schroeder was hired to calm that other European superpower, the Swiss. Schroeder will be trying to soothe the still hurt feelings from the Borer Affair. Or maybe Djamile Rowe is short, maybe Ringier promised to arrange a blind date?

Ah that Swiss ambassador that pulled a Bill Clinton during the battle of Jenin... if that is now being papered over, then we may face a less bitchy approach to obstruct the admission of Magen David Adom to the ICRC.

just in: Uri Geller mediates in Magen David Adom / ICRC conflict

I wonder what's up with the Swiss that requires a kid entertainer to intervene here. Do they believe that the Nibelung's Ring was buried in River Rhône?

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