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Here's the results of Europe's "leadership": Ahmadinejad has deep-sixed all of the ambassadors that were involved in the nuclear negotiations, as well as a bunch of others. It appears that, at the least, Iran is closing its embassy in London. Okay, Europe, what's your next move?


(hat tip to LGF)

Cousin Dave - I think that's a bit unfair to Europe. If their efforts had no results, no changes would have been necessary from the new president's perspective. In my view, now is the real test. They've worked diplomatically and had the board swept clean by a new Iranian administration. If all they do is repeat what's failed in the past, that truly would be a failure of leadership.

Maybe they'll fail. They haven't failed yet, though. Here's to their success, next round!

Why lead when you can complain.

TM, R U so naive as to suggest that you can "deal" with Iran?

Reminds me of that quote from Kofi Annon about Saddam, "He's a man we can deal with."

Or Chamberlin "dealing" with Hitler.

Democracy. The only way...

One Year Today, Lest We Forget
Theo van Gogh (July 23, 1957 – November 2, 2004)


What is your definition of "failure"?

but its so much easier to remain on the big moral marxist perch and shit little bitches down on the cowboys.. lead? make decisions? what are you crazy?
why give up a ggod thing? never heard the saying "if the milks free why buy the cow?" it works here too!!
the problem with you dave is that you were born with not only a brain but a chest too. unfortunately the chermns havent rediscovered theirs but it could happen.

it could..

"You've got the lead!" should have been the headline of that interview.

Ahmadinejad has fired these who worked out the Paris Agreement, so finally the ongoing postponement of the abdiction of fuel cycle activities is falling into pieces. Fine. This man has been struck with blindness to prepare him for his fall. Who does he think he is, Pat Robertson? So far behind the globalization of the information flows that he thinks he could address local audiences with stark remarks and nobody else notices?

This is really becoming like Laurel & Hardy. Khatami the taqiyya artist was vain enough to step into a last chance treaty, and now Ahmadinejad the doom preacher is rude enough to walk out and bang the door. This daft Supreme Ayatollah was stupid enough to actually base his entire foreign policy on the anti-American resentment of disgruntled European negotiators who were frustrated that John Kerry had lost the election. Khamenei you bitch, your own Ketchup doctrine demasked you!

This is the right time to put the onus of proof on the Majlis to provide the "objective guarantees" that have been agreed upon in the Paris Agreement. Yet a year earlier, the Tehran Declaration commited the Iranian parliament to "commence ratification procedures" for the IAEA inspection protocol. So far it went unchallenged that the Majlis did exactly the opposite and IAEA inspections still can only take place at the whim of the Supreme Ayatollah and could be ended any day. Iran needs to be given a choice of ratification or referral. And when the madmen in Tehran start whining that we should demand inspection protocol ratification from Russia and the United States first, China might discover that in having completed that ratification it has more in common with Europe than with Iran.

brilliant point FM! but it allleads back tothe same question.. where's the teeth in anything anyone is saying to iran? right now the only teeth showing are the ones the iranians can get the euros to bite the us with! ever since the paris peace talks the enemy has used every pause to rebuild and bolster their attack assets. only when W attacked iraq was there a break in any of that. its still the strategy. at least now there's a remote chance that someone (israel? W?) will actually DO something.
My prediction? AFter the midtermUS elections and alitos confirm. we'll see a big hole in themiddle of Iran. Boy will it be funny to see the euros pissing down both legs after that!! its all about keeping the sheehans and schumers off the lawn...

Those who can, do. Those who can't teach. Those who can't teach, can't. Everyone else goes to journalism school.

The irony is delicious: A German-American attempting to transplant a spine into Germans. Aber es ist nicht moeglich.

Unfortunately, as I've stated elsewhere, 'Eurabia? Got the fork handy?'

We'd damn well better hope they've(the Fwrench) taken as good care of their nukes as they've done with the community but we'd still better have a very good plan to remove what arsenals remain.

Insbesondere der jüngeren Generation unserer Bevölkerung kann man für dieses zurückhaltende politische Vorgehen mit dem Iran eigentlich keinen Vorwurf machen.
Es ist hier nunmal die Generation der unbedingten Pazifisten am Werk - die lassen sich ewig auf der Nase herumtanzen. Nun so zu tun als wäre das eine Neuigkeit, lässt doch völlig ausser Acht wie lange sich solche Grundprinzipien schon durch die deutsche Außenpolitik ziehen.

Was uns bleibt ist schlicht das Abtreten dieser Generation abzuwarten. Bedenkt man nun, wie lange es nach dem letzten Krieg dauerte, bis sich die Pazifisten durchgesetzt haben, so bekommt man eine Ahnung davon wie lange es dauern kann, bis sich eine selbstbewusstere Generation davon erhebt.

OMG! I'm allowed to finally post?????


What kind if idiot tells his country he doesn't like the stock exchange cos it deals in interest which is against islam, stock market drops and he threatens to hang 2-3 stock exchange employees?

He's not doing this to rile us up, it has been theorized a major crackdown is coming.

@TM: I appreciate your remarks, but I read it a little differently. Here's my take: Iran, having gotten everything they wanted from the EU without making any significant concessions, has no further need to make a pretense of negotiating. Iran has decided that it can thumb its nose at the EU with impunity, and it has done so. The negotiators themselves may have been sincere, or they may have just been going along with the gag.

The whole situation looks to me like Iran read the North Korea playbook and just repeated it. It's a re-run of NK's negotiations with the U.S. in the mid-'90s. The eager-to-please Clinton Administration granted aid to NK in return for a promise to discontinue their nuke program. NK never had any intention of fulfilling that promise; they were just stalling for time. When they had gotten what they wanted, they broke off the negotiations and proudly announced their treachery to the world.

Not only did they get everything they wanted, but they made the U.S. look like idiots. Iran just did the same to the EU. Khadafy must be feeling like a chump right now. Until someone makes it their business to do something about it, we can expect this pattern to continue.

@playertwo - I don't expect the dialogue with the government of Iran to produce a cessation of its pursuit of attack assets. This dialogue never has even made a single attempt to demand a suspension of the ballistic missile programs, and any idea that it could influence the behavior of Iran is an illusion in the first place.

The only purpose of the continued availability of Europe for negotiations is to build up a universal legal position how Iran forfeits the privilege to operate a nuclear program which nation states receive under international law, and what demands must be fulfilled by that nation to regain the forfeited privilege.

And the goal of that process is not to challenge German pacifism or to consider military options, it is first of all to get us out of the strategical quandary which is connected with the name Mohamed ElBaradei: If compliance with a deal between two parties is verified by an institution headquartered in the territory of one of the parties, then any intimidation of that party will also intimidate that institution and weaken the verification process.

A verification institution without a safe-haven is incapable to stand above intimidation. The IAEA is headquartered in Europe. This is an accident waiting to happen, and the Iranians exploit it. There only has to be a terrorist attack such as 2004 in Madrid and inspections are called off.

If we manage to build a universal legal position which can sustain a referral of Iran to the UNSC, then the diplomatic process could gain a relative safe-haven and our range of options could increase. It might still be that nothing happens at the Security Council, such as in the case of North Korea. But dissolving quandaries one at a time is the best strategy to get through a random walk such as the fight against the Islamic revolution.

Though time still is on the side of the enemy, the political environment considerably enhanced since the Paris Agreement. May I remind you what the regime of China believed at the onset of the Paris negotiations? "It is now time to give up the illusion that Europeans and Americans are living in the same world, as some Europeans would like to believe." A year later, although Iran missed hardly an opportunity to cheat, it can be said that the illusion was on the Chinese side. It was Iran not the US who recalled the ambassadors from Europe.

Near the end of the interview, Rumsfeld took a jab at Fischer only in the German translation. Why did Der Spiegel not publish this version of the conversation in English? This is either journalistic sloppiness or a lie fabricated by Der Spiegel to anger Germans into believing that Rumsfeld is merely amused when Fischer seriously discussed his viewpoint at the security conference. This matter demands clarification to the German readership if it was a fabrication. I would be surprised if Rumsfeld expressed this viewpoint when everyone was aware of the delicate diplomatic situation between certain NATO allies. This makes his misunderstood “Old Europe” quote sound like a gentle nudge, which Rumsfeld merely intended to prompt certain Europeans to reexamine their attitudes in this new age.

SPIEGEL: Der Wechsel ist nicht so weit gegangen, wie viele erwartet haben. Joschka Fischer, den Sie nicht zu überzeugen vermochten, zieht sich zurück. (The change (in government) has not been to the extent that many expected. Joschka Fischer, whom you weren’t able to convince, is stepping down.

Rumsfeld: War einer von Ihnen auf der Sicherheitskonferenz, bei der Fischer ausgerufen hat: "I am not convinced"? (Was any one of you at the security conference where Fischer said, “I am not convinced”?)


Rumsfeld: Das war lustig. Ich hatte meinen Spaß. Wissen Sie, ich fand das interessant. (That was humorous. I had fun. You know, I found that interesting.)

SPIEGEL: Na ja, in diesem Moment sah man Ihnen den Spaß nicht an. (Well, at that moment you didn’t look amused.)

Rumsfeld: Meine Güte, ich habe 5 Minuten geredet und 45 oder 50 Minuten lang Fragen beantwortet. Ich sah bestimmt aus wie jemand, der sich amüsiert, weil es so war. (My goodness, I gave a 5-minute speech and answered questions 45 or 50 minutes long. I must have look amused because it (the situation) was.)

I'm not surprised at all that it took Rumsfeld two years to discover his amusement, as little as by the fact that Der Spiegel tries to hide that episode from the international audience. In a good piece of theater there is that special kind of retroactive humor which can only be appreciated after the whole show is through. In the case of the Munich play, a statement that would have been dangerous when made by a stage director turned out to be a harmless sermon by an actor who played a director. After Fischer declared his retreat, it is looking more and more funny how he acted an the basis of the assumption that there was no way to move on without him being convinced. As the saying goes, he who laughs last laughs best.

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