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"BTW, not much is reported on von Sponeck's Iraqi business activities in the German media."

It's true. Since the day the Volcker report was released, quite a lot of news have been posted at www.spiegel.de. After doing some full text searches, I find 3 news about the Volcker report, 32 about the Libby case, 0 about Galloway, 0 about von Sponeck.

Well, just something funny...

Interesting relevations.

Still, I think the accusations are a bit too vague to think of them as a smoking gun against oil-for-food peace activists.

Regarding the oil contractor, the report didnt reveal any actual evidence - Sponeck, of course, denies the charge that he acted on behalf of Lakhani, and Lakhani only mentions a chronological correlation between funding Sponeck and receiving oil, but he cannot prove a causality.

And I think it is in line with Sponeck's convictions that he acted to facilitate a business deal of a producer of milk powder, especially as the contributions he received only covered his expenses.

But you are certainly right in asserting that, if Halliburton actually were involved in a similar agreement with a dictator from some other dictatorship, rumours would spread wide in a lot of German newspapers.

A good deal of mistrust and some more investigations against Sponeck and his ilk are certainly indicated.

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