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Germany's Political Catastrophy

In a few years, Germany is likely to experience a political catastrophe of historic proportions. The underlying cause may well be the biased and narrow-minded view of the German press, in publications as wide-spread as from 'Spiegel' to 'Stern'. One example of decades of such of brainwashing is the almost 100% anti-American attitude of Germans.

This led a few years ago to the very narrow election of the Schroeder/Fischer team, on the basis of a very clear anti-American position. Without that very strong stance, Schroeder would have lost that election. A more business-oriented government could then still have saved the economy in the nick of time. But with the Social Democrats in power, the urgently needed economic reforms could not be carried out, since they would necessarily have weakened the power of their friends and partners, the labour unions. A few years down the track, the country is in despair, with 11% unemployment. The election this year showed voters in panic mode, paralysed by indecision. The result - no clear winner - a 'grand coalition'.

In negotiations with the Social Democrats to join in a coalition, the new German Chancellor, Mrs Merkel, had to jettison important aspects of her original program, which was aimed at loosening labour laws, cutting taxes and trimming generous social welfare benefits.

The leftist SPD slogan of 'Social Justice' will continue to dominate, with more big brother intervention, rather than less government and more free market guidance. Successful businesses will increasingly be handicapped by government and union constraints. Inefficient business areas (including farming)will continue to be subsidised by German and European taxpayers, and will be protected from the realities of a changing world economy. Successful businesses will diversify out of Germany in order to escape the 'social justice' of the lowest common denominator (insolvency).

With the new government in place, the boat has now ultimately been missed. An economic turn-around appears now impossible.

To what level will unemployment have risen in a few years? Whatever number you estimate, double it for youth unemployment. How is that for 'social justice'? And what will the political consequences be? The recent riots in France have clearly shown what high levels of unemployment lead to. For Germany, an economic and political catastrophe of historic proportions appears now all but inevitable.

The German press appears clueless. They prefer emotional self-gratification to realistic analysis and constructive thinking. Or are they thinking further? All that chaos, collapse and human suffering - what fantastic headlines it will make! How many papers it will sell!
And for light entertainment, the German press will still be able to blame it all on the Americans.

@ Gunter

Did you write the above? Do you have a link?

@Gunter: Great post, spot on. However, I would like to further analyse your last paragraph, specifically "The German press appears clueless."

That's one possibility. If they are clueless, it also means that they don't know any better. There is, however, another possibility: They DO know better, but they report the way they do with full malice aforethought.
I tend to think the latter is more likely. After all, if they are clueless, at least there is a chance that they can be educated and trained. I somehow am not holding my breath.

"Emotional self-gratification" ... I loved that.

@Gunter -
I'll echo the previous two. Great post.

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