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This chaos of the barbarians is spreading across Europa. What have we done? Why have we opened the gates to these ruthless hooligans? Our prisons are full of them already. Do we intend to let them rule over us?

No Parasan is reporting the 5 cars were torched in Belin last nite. Can anyone confirm/elaborate?

@ Partikular

Dabei zusehen wie sie uns vollends zum Narren halten? Sicherlich nicht. Aber man beachte: Zum Aufwachen der Europäer gehört ein Aufgewecktwerden - und genau das lösen diese brandschatzenden Gauner aus.
Mit der Bevölkerung - so kann man nur hoffen - wird auch die Politik aufstehen, und diesem Menschenschlag adäquat entgegentreten.

@ Pamela


Mal sehen, was sich daraus entwickelt - man sollte den Franzosen Unterstützung anbieten bevor sich das zum Flächenbrand entwickelt, das nimmt ja schon aufwieglerische Züge an.

During the 1992 "Rodeny King" riots in LA, Francoise Mitterand remarked, "Such things are unthinkable in France, we have equality for our immigrants."

I wonder how Mitterand and the rest of the French like their crow? Barbequed a' la Renault?

Its been removed from SPON, but some wag from the SPD said something this week to the effect that Germany is so much farther ahead in integrating foreigners into the community. "We are way ahead of the USA, Britain and France."

I wonder if he likes his BMW with or without Senf!

"Could this be evidence that Chirac and Villepin don't care about people with dark skin?"

Yup... leftists would never ever admit it, but the fact that this rioting wasn't stopped ASAP, with as much force as necessary, proves that they aren't interested in protecting the innocent in those neighborhoods.

Wasn't that the story the Euro-media reported on the US during Katrina's aftermath (even though there were no riots!)?

Partikular: "This chaos of the barbarians is spreading across Europa. What have we done? Why have we opened the gates to these ruthless hooligans? Our prisons are full of them already. Do we intend to let them rule over us?"

In a few generations, they won't have to riot. They'll be the majority and will VOTE Old Europe out of existence, unless native Europeans start picking up their birth rate!

Right, Germany is so far ahead of the US and UK at integrating foreigners. Germany, a country in which it has traditionally been difficult for non-Germans, particularly of the non-white variety, to gain citizenship. What type of dope are they smoking?

Stop the press! Hélène Schunk, director of the Office for International Relations in Rüsselsheim who hails from Evreux (one of the cities of unrest) has found the source of the problems besetting France:

"Globalisierung und der Abbau von Arbeitsplätzen sind das große Problem."

-Darmstädter Echo, 2005-11-08, page 3

@atmx - What type of dope are they smoking?

Smacks like some black market stuff spoilt with additions of prohibition poison that makes you think the police is Satan.

According to Handelsblatt, there is Schadenfreude in the US:


Here's a summary of the best evidence they can come up with to support this conclusion:

1. A French Canadian said so.
2. We have 24 hour news channels that are actually covering the rioting in France. They neglect to mention that those same channels are also covering the riots in South America, our continuing weather difficulties, Scooter Libby, Iraq, and the elections.
3. The Wall Street Journal and some economists think that more jobs might help.

They go on to say though no American politician has actually said anything publically, their mouthpiece Fox News is showing lots of pictures!

"According to Handelsblatt, there is Schadenfreude in the US:"

They're barely scratching the surface. Apart from the fact that a few people have been killed, we're rolling on the floor laughing about this. This high comedy coming from a nation that marks its place in the world by lecturing other nations is too much to let pass.

Unless or until this makes a sudden turn toward a life-threatening situation, we shall continue enjoying it :).

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