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Quayle was Vice President under Bush, 41, not Reagan.
(Note from David: Thanks, Pamela. Corrected it.)

But I'm here to tell you guys that you're safe. Quayle couldn't suck his own toes without screwing it up let alone German blood.

His wife, however, is another matter.

oh yeah his wife.. what a rhymes with which she is..

I propose that Germans buy nothing from Americans and Americans buy nothing from Germans. Perhaps Germans then will be less morose.

Gee. Maybe the Americans won't be as discriminating as their German counterparts!

Clifford D. May is so right:

"No debating their hatred: Some just see U.S., Israel as focus of all that’s evil
By Clifford D. May
Monday, November 14, 2005

We had gathered at the venerable University Philosophical Society of Trinity College in Dublin to debate the resolution: “This house believes that George W. Bush is a danger to world stability.”

... Finally, Bird noted that next week the Society would debate whether militant Islamism is a legitimate form of resistance to American hegemony. While I’ll be sorry to miss that event, I have a hunch how it will turn out."

Read it here

Typical. Do as I say, not as I do.

Business as usual, I see.

OT via Cap't Ed, you have GOT to be kidding me:

When competing coalitions join together in a parliamentary system to form an executive, they necessarily jettison parts of the two platforms in order to form a single policy plan that can get support from most of the members of all factions. Usually this means getting rid of the more innovative notions and sticking with less controversial ideas. Unfortunately, the new German government led by Angela Merkel wants to provide the exception that tests the rule. As the London Times reports, the Germans now will attempt to spend their way out of a deficit by taxing their way to economic growth -- a daring plan, given its remarkable failure every time it's been tried in the past:



Burger King is paying a $6000 signing bonus to flip burgers in New Orleans. There's worse things than asking if you want fries w/that. And they're looking for people to clean up the muck and it pays a good wage. If you're young, single, no responsibilities, what's a couple of years of lean living to fatten your bank account?

Super example of what Zyme had been talking about all this time.

Germany will walk away from any principle as long as it can make a Dmark now a euro.

Why would this surprise anyone? It is just the Germany Way that the dearly departed Gerhard spoke so strongly about.

You surely will not find this in M$M as it is not part of the Left's template.

Pamela: "But I'm here to tell you guys that you're safe. Quayle couldn't suck his own toes without screwing it up let alone German blood."

Unfortunately, this canard is still around. Quayle's reputation for stupidity was a deliberate hatchet job by the US news media.

>> Quayle's reputation for stupidity was a deliberate hatchet job by the US news media.

To a point I agree. The media portrayed him as stupid for the wrong reasons.

I've met the man. He's a good person. But he is stupid.

Marilyn I am somewhat in awe of, if for no other reason than the woman's poise and dignity in the face of media that was unreasonably cruel.

I would have started throwing grenades.

Well actually things might be worse than most of realized.

Hooters is openning this week in DE.

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