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As long as Claudia Roth is in politics I think the trophy can safely stay on her mantelpiece, though with her it might be correct to presume that if awards for political stoopdity were fairly distrubuted then she might even have a "trophy room" by now.

As far as young radical left wing cool rebelious socialist groups in Germany go, the Jusos probably count among the few where you can be a supporter of Israel without getting chucked out or beaten up. Perhaps this depends from city to city but here in Berlin they arent so bad compared to other youth groups. Their problem is more that they are tring to sit "between 2 chairs" for the sake of being "neutral". Their prejudice is shown more in their belief that their position is viable rather than other groups who's position goes beyond stupidity and is a much more open hatred and lust for blood.

Still an undeniably crap pinboard photo, a stupid idea that anything with Fatah can lead to peace and a disappointing lie to explain off the hidden symbol. A more fair answer would probably be "If we dont put them on there then they will probably kill us".

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