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Siegmar -> Sigmar
major of Leipzig -> mayor of Leipzig

Gern geschehen :-)

Note from David: Thanks, Martina. Had "Sigmar" correct the first time, then changed the link and retyped it...

Looks like a winning team to me.

Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul

Firstly, do you also dye your hair?

Is that the same woman who traveled to Namibia and stunned the country by confessing the German colonial extermination of the native Herero today amounted to extermination. What stunned them is that they thought they would get compensation, instead they got an I'm sorry.

What people don't understand is that this wanton violence against defenseless people was a dress-rehersal for a more efficient volilence later conducted against:Jews, Poles, Russians and anyone else with a different opinion...


The SPD: You can be a Chancellor who "defends" workers rights, whilst wearing 5000GBP Brioni suits. Later you get a job in Finance, whilst having directed rhetoric against the your later employer to gain votes. Also, you can show pathetic vanity defending speculation if you dye your hair or not...

Offtopic: please tell me why you think the german medical assurance system is ineficient.
I never had the chance to compare it to the american system.
To some point I agree that it's too expensive, but I would like to hear your opinion
Thanks ;)

Could someone please explain to me how the responsibilities are split between the finance and economics portfolios?

@Jutin Time

"Economics minister" is a not ideal translation of "Wirtschaftsminister"; in German, "Wirtschaft" means "the economy" in the sense of "the productive sector", often in the sense of its owners.

The "Economics minister" in principle resembles the Secretary of Commerce in the US, while the Finance Minister corresponds to the Secretary of the Treasury and, I think, also the Budget Director.

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