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RealClearPolitics.com posts an English translation of a Spiegel interview with Merkel. It's nice to see Schroeder gone, but I'm underwhelmed with Merkel.
The first part of the interview is absolutely silly, revolving around whether and how a woman chancellor can or should express emotion. It's like an Oprah interview, but much more antogonistic.
In the second part, one expects Merkel to lay out some concrete plans. She doesn't. The question is: does she not have any ideas, or does she just not want to tell Spiegel what they are?
The whole interview seems like a cat and mouse game.

does she not have any ideas ?

Even if she has ideas , it does not matter, since she has no power to turn her ideas into reality.
One could argue she has even less influence than she had when Schröder was chancellor. At that time she was the leader of a strong opposition party and controlled the Bundesrat. Now after the election disaster her party is on the same lavel as the Social Democrats and there is a clear left of center majority in the Bundestag withe the SPD, the Greens and the East German Communists.

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