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Die Journalisten waren zum ersten Mal fair: Schröder und RotGrün war am Ende. Die Leute wollten sie nicht mehr. Dies haben die Demoskopen richtig erfaßt. Und dann auf einmal ging Schröder in den Wahlkampf und legte los, daß es dem Volke gefiel, mit Parolen wie Frieden (der gar keine ist, lies Richard Herzinger) und Sprüchen über einem Professor aus Heidelberg. Das, genau das kommt an. Damit hat er die Leute überzeugt. Mit dummen Sprüchen. Sie änderten ihre Meinung! In dieser kurzen Zeit wurde Merkel mit Kirchhoff lächerlich gemacht, daß viele zum Sprücheklopfer Schröder zurückfanden. Und die Medien haben dabei wieder tüchtig mitgemischt.

Die Demoskopen lagen doch nicht falsch. Das halte ich für Unsinn. Es gab einen unheimlichen Meinungsumschwung. So sind die Leute. Politik? Inhalt? Neh, da braucht nur einer wie Schröder kommen und dämlich grinsen, da stehen die meisten Deutschen stramm bei Fuß.

Ich habe einige Wahlreden Schröders im TV gehört. Woran hat mich das nur erinnert?!

Hi Gabi:

If you don't mind, I'll comment in English. I talked to my sister-in-law and a good lady friend in Germany last weekend. They both voted SPD.

My sister-in-law is not very well educated and she voted against Merkel because of the flat tax. She honestly thought that poor people would be financially strapped to pay more taxes. She didn't want to discuss the issues of unemployment and Zero growth. However, she did admit that there is poverty in Germany for the first time. She voted for Schroeder in the last election because she was afraid that the CDU would send her worthless son, (who was then 29 years-old), to Iraq.

My lady friend is married to a salesman, who is also a good friend, and who sits on the local SPD committee. (He is a moderate and pro-free enterprise.) She has more education than my sister-in-law. She also admitted that Germany now has many poor people. But to my astonishment, she excused Schroeder's handling of the economy. "After all, Helmut Kohl left him a mess."

I think if Angela Merkel modified her flat tax proposals and adopted the U.S. model (Earned Income Credit), she would have attracted more votes. If you are a single mother with two or more children, you will most likely pay no federal taxes until you make over $25,000 per year. Apparently, a pure flat tax gave many voters the jitters.

Germans making the V-for-victory sign of Churchill. Now I've seen everything.

recently we had a meeting with friends. They talked about Schröder's charisma. I had difficulties to stay friendly...

Hang in there Gabi, I know that it's frustrating sometimes, but change will come. It did here. My mother says it this way, "And this too shall pass." It does.

The breaking point was when Fischer and Schröder (in the visa affair resp. in the election) started treating the public the in same egomaniacal way they had treated journalists all along when the German media still needed Red-Green more than the other way round. But just when the leftist US media dropped their support of John Kerry and Michael Moore, this does not include that the weltbild that had made these journalists chose to back these individuals would also have been turned around 180 degrees. The media still cater to the inverted-reality Germany that Red-Green personified for all these years. And it's easy for a whole profession to entrench itself, as there is only little competition from Austria and Switzerland (not even Radio Free Europe uses the German language any more).

The most promising development in this mess is the Cicero scandal, named after a newcomer to the market, a Swiss-owned monthly that had quoted from classified BKA police documents on the link between Zarqawi and the mullahs of Iran, probably handed out by a renegade official. Otto Schily raided the journalist and the paper, and suddenly there is a overlapping of interests between activist journalists, pacifist civil libertarians and these who think the national security of Germany is better served by publishing than by withholding knowledge of the Iran-Zarqawi link. It already caused the SPD to withdraw its support of Mr. Schily as a candidate for the German foreign office, and the story might develop further. This political constellation is quite similiar to the scandal over NATO documents that in 1962 turned Der Spiegel into a lead medium of Germany.

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