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Does anyone besides me note that the crude, stupid cowboy nazi chimp behaves with better manners and more grace than that loser Hun?

Just sayin'

This is very unusual

Isn't George W Bush the uncultured cowboy leader of an uncultured population?

And isn't Gerhard the kultured ex-leader of a kultured people?

So how come one is braying about the awful tragedy that impacted innocent victims and looking to assign personal blame for this - while the other has the class to extend such warm words even after these kinds of hysterics?

I am confused

Just an other formality in the day of a president.

How many seconds did this , 'good riddance' take ?

Not that Schroeder would give a fig about it.

He was toast from the moment one of his ministers compared 'W' with A.H.

Hope Mrs. Merkel is cut from better cloth than that...

I'll bet that Gerhard was grinding his teeth in anger during that entire phone call. Well, Gerhard, as you've just learned it is difficult to successfully run a country with a policy based on nothing more than "America sucks".

Schröder is twice a failure. First as a politician and secondly as a human being.

He is a total failure as a politician by completely failing to recognize the fact that the hated "Anglo-Saxon" system has managed to offers its citizens many more choices and opportunities than the German one. While not perfect, it can be said that the "Anglo-Saxon" system has proven to be more adaptable to new game rules and more satisfying to its "customers"(the people), and, why not, superior.

There is no need for Schröder to openly admire the US system. Nobody expects or has the need to see the US system implemented all over the world. OTOH, to downplay, or downright ignore the merits of the US system to such an extent is an amazing feat that shows how absolutely blinding (socialist) ideology can be.

Schröder is a failure as a human being by simply not being able to rise above his limitations, in this case the self-imposed barriers of ideology. Human mind, as opposed to lower life forms is supposed to be able to observe, absorb and apply knowledge. Schröder was not able to do this in times of great need for his people.

The funny thing is that the people almost re-elected him. Another funny thing is that inspite of a new government the people basically voted over 50% (SPD+Greens+Left Party) for maintaining a bankrupt system... May their wish be granted !

"Bush wants to stay "continuously" in contact with Schroeder."

Perhaps W is putting Uncle Gerhard on the anti-terror list with the full 24 observation works. After all there is a case that the man is qualified, perhaps even one that he is overqualified!!

It's simple, whenever Schroeder goes for a job interview the President will offer a reference, over the phone, with witnesses. Trouble is the speed dial just doesn't seem to working just now.

All this public America bashing from Schroeder, Chirac, etal screams "NO CLASS" and "we are petty, jealous, smug and arrogant".

If one phone call and a phony war is all that the White House has going for it, then there is not enough America-bashing in the German media. But it's great to see all you losers pissing and moaning about it.

By the way, I wonder how Bush held up during the phone conversation; I always thought you had to talk on the telephone.

To jane m: aren't you glad that America isn't arrogant, particularly the present administration.

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