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@ FrancisM

Sir , thanks for your reply :-)

Francis, whenever we are dealing with any , particular a fairly recent historical event, such as the phenomenal Berlin airlift , then our mind should be restricted to that particular time frame and not wander off into younger, future events. For you to comment with the benefit of hindsight , does simply injustice to the movers and shakers of that time .

It is for that reason , that I consider the inclusion of the inhuman repercussions of deployed Russian landmines into the context of the Berlin airlift as inappropriate. Likewise for ‘aproval rating’ . Beggars are not choosers.

The United States had through their actions never ever given Germans just cause to be suspicious of their motives.
Fact though is, the United States were in June of 1948 burdened with a host of tremendously pressing problems , yet despite of all of them , found Compassion , yes Sir , Compassion , with a big ‘C’ , and freed precious resources to put Berlin for over a year on intensive care .

( while at the same time , co-promulgated on May 23rd , 1949 the German ‘Basic Law’ and thus put a souverein State Germany on the map - political template for Iraq of course)

Please Francis , view your fellow man with a little bit more ‘Compassion’ and less suspicion – you might start to feel real good about him ... and yourself . ... Heinz

@ Cousin Dave

Do Germans really believe that they would have been better off had the Allies turned the entire country over to the Soviet Union at the end of WWII?

Why do you lower yourself with such a rhetorical question?

You know the facts .
Germans know the facts.

We all know quite well ,that Germans in May ’49 voted with their feet : the unconditional capitulation of Nazi Germany was delayed for a couple of days to allow German military personal and civilians to reach ground away from those dastardly Russkies.

Also , previous to that , the German military high command facilitated the westbound evacuation of 2 Million German refugees . Why their offsprings today get stomach cramps thinking about it, remains a mystery shrouded in the German psyche ... time for some Alka Selzer .


Madam ,

disappointing to learn your group were not exactly happy campers in Germany.

I suspect, that the better part of the negativity that you encountered , is traceable to prejudice and lack of education.

German indifference ? Historians grapple since decades whether or not that should be considered a German trait . But why go back where you’re not being appreciated – hey , it’s their loss and your gain.

One thing is for sure though , the 4 German kids next year are going to have a swell time at your place and so will the parents.

It is you and yours dear lady, who is the best ‘Alka Selzer’ for so many of us, who suffer from a special kind of ‘heart burn’ .

May your God bless you and your country ... Heinz

@houndstooth, jlwb - I'll try to address both your points in one reply.

Yes, I'm German, to be precise when the reunification finally came I was a kid in the West. I remember how glad I was when the bomber training flights over our village ceased. Until the intifada made me empathize with Israel I had been an European isolationist, and only then went on to discover that America too was not necessarily in the same moral abyss as the factions of Germany that had sided with it over the time. When I had to weigh whether I could agree with the war to topple Saddam, the decisive point for me was that in the current situation it would not serve American interests to leave Iraq with an Gehlen-Organization-style regime remnant that would take a whole generation to die out. You can find the cause of my suspicions in the demand for a Palestinian-style "inheritable right of return" against our Eastern neighbors, which is always antithetic to peace, and which was what united the generation of Germans which was allied with America in the early cold war.

When I mentioned approval ratings I had in mind a recent report that Truman had lower approval ratings than Bush, which gave me an idea how bumpy his presidency might have been. And as for the chemical weapons, I think America brought them here to use them in combat. Schröder pranced he would not click heels and there was no lightning to strike him, instead it turned out that he had become chancellor only due to his role in the Niedersachsen-Preussag deal which covered up 1980s chemical weapons supplies to Saddam. Had I known of Halabja when I was shocked by these bombers back during that time...

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