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Anybody interested in Spiegel Online's latest masterpiece on "amerikanische Verhältnisse ? Here it is.

"What it's like to be unemployed as an American". Another one for the record.


The good guys have struck back. The Wall Street Jounal has an editorial today, deploring the "Lederhosen" mentality. This article was written specifically about Austria and how they sabotaged negotions for Turkey's entry to the EU.
But you can easily substitute Germany for Austria.

What did they do, interview an out-of-work journo from the dead tree NYT?

--which had to do with the cheap competition in Asia and the free trade agreement, which had signed Bill Clinton. The country names of China, India and Malaysia dripped on the heads of the begun workers,--

No stinkin' Chicom goods in the EU or we'll lose our jobs. Wait! That's already happening!

Who loses its work, can for up to 26 weeks unemployment pay get,

Are they sure it's not 39? I thought it changed after 9/11.

-- It is 60, has a house and a boat on the keys, it wanted to fish, cocktails drink, read. --

Would love to know what that house is going for.

But for a quarter of the 48 million Americans, who get Social Security, it forms the entire income. the person on social security on average keeps 955 dollar monthly. But Helen cellar is neither old nor handicapped.

No, they won't qualify for Section 8, food stamps, medicaid or any other program, just SS.

--The city administration of Kannapolis now decided, for 60,000 dollar a lobbyists in Washington anzuheuern, that is to bring economics and prosperity somehow into the city, a rather unusual idea.--

For Germany, not for America.

-- Chad, the small son, went off it on a private-college after Charlotte, fallow however after three months. Edge universe had to take up a credit, in order to pay the 10,000 dollar study fees.--

Time to go to public and the 5-year plan and get a part-time job.

--To 12 September, in which week, in which edge universe cellar began its last term, came David Murdock with good messages into the city. Murdock is a billionaire from California, him belongs the company dole, where juices, fruits and flowers are produced. Murdock is 82 years old.--

DRAT! Possibly Saved by eeevvviiilll capitalism/private industry. The STATE CANNOT PROVIDE. No #$*(), Sherlock.

What a trip reading babelfish's translation.

I second this endorsement. Grabinski is outstanding.

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