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People are having SO MUCH FUN with this. Jeff "Hey bud, let's party!" Spicoli showed up in New Orleans in a tiny boat with a publicity crew, including his personal photographer, to "rescue" people. With his wealth he could have purchased outright dozens of "Party Barges" to travel the waterlogged streets of New Orleans to pick up people. His career as "savior" is TOAST.

What hubris and arrogance! Sean Penn might just as well have said "I'm a famous actor whose extensive and superior knowledge of everything will be used to inform the uneducated and ignorant masses of what is 'really' going on Iraq, Iran, New Orleans and where ever else I decide my astute acumen is needed." Yes, the world is waiting with baited breath for another column from the Hollywood roving reporter.

Well, it seems sort of overkill for four people in a small boat (with room for five) to be out trying to save people in need, but that extensive education he has as a high school graduate must give him some knowledge of mathematics that a simpleton like me just cannot understand (it’s interesting how the professionals have bigger boats with only two crewmen, but manage to rescue many more than their number – and have the drain plug firmly in the drain). I also didn’t realize that a 'personal' photographer is required for rescue operations. And I guess the other two guys are his agent and PR flack.

His look of distaste is priceless. Having to actually do something was not part of the plan.

That's not distaste, pg. That is the look of a man who is completely pissed off! I'm surprised he didn't slug the photographer!

I've a good idea for Sean. How about he donates the value of the oil voucher he probably got for his visit to Saddam. Tax-free money - time to give something back?

It's not a flak vest it's a bib for eating crawfish etouffe. Who say that actors can't be prepared?

"Dude... that was my hull! I'm SO wasted!"

Now, now. They also serve - who bail out New Orleans one plastic cup at a time.

He was doing what he could do. Mr. Penn seems to have a clear understanding of his limitations.

Besides - he may have found a new career. He has an obvious talent for comedy.....

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