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While this is probably a fair assessment, it is also a bit early to rank where Gerhard will rank among the leaders of germany.

What is both interesting and confusing is when Gerhard tells his audience that germany is heading in the right direction and they cheer.

Let him broker a couple horrible deals and get attacked by a rabbit and you've got Germany's own Jimmy Carter.

I only thought there were Killer Rabbits in Georgia.

"it is also a bit early to rank where Gerhard will rank among the leaders of germany"

Surely not with Bismark and Adenauer, surely not even with Kohl. Surely not even with Willy Brandt.

I think he'll be right up there with some of the post-Bismark prime ministers who served Willhelm III. The ones who lost the Russian alliance.....

Jimmy Carter is another apt comparison.

Schroeder reminds me of a Bill Clinton, who, it always seemed to me, we foisted on an unsuspecting world and are still undoing the damage. Skills? Sure, but attached to no discernable vision or end state beyond simply their remaining in power.

The western world seems to be full of these types of "leaders" these days. Squishy, souless men who react/focus on the immediate because their only purpose is self aggrandizement. Politics exists solely as a platform through which they can display their very unique 'excellence' to us proles. . . and long term consequences be damned.
I still have distinct memories of Clinton once telling an audience that, "Hey, you all don't know how lucky you are! A leader like me comes along maybe once every hundred years!" Most of us were very happy about the truth in that statement. Or, in his memoirs when he lamented that he didn't have any grand opportunities (9/11) to show how great a president he could be!!!" Narcissistic and perverse are the words that come to mind.

Clinton, Schroeder, Chirac are a vacuous lot that history, and perhaps the law, will not be kind to. Clinton does not fair well in any historical ranking of Presidents that I have seen, usually he falls in the mediocre to average category. Though in popularity polls he does better, always preferred to CarrotTop but less popular than 50-cent.
Watching from the distance I am not sure Herr Schroeder could beat CarrotTop right now. I don't know how long or even if one can undo the damage he has left in his wake. For me Schroeder will always represent the man who legitimized anti-American bigotry for public consumption. Pity.


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