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Mark Levin read the whole article on 77WABC. I love it.

P.S.: I sincerely hope it's not only for 4 years. These Whackos must not be in power ever again.

I hope you're aware of this here.

Furious U.S. citizen reactions published by SPON!

I wish I could say this is the opinion of a soon to be out of a job politician, but unfortunately I know better.
One other item to consider: Any of the readers on this Blog aware that Germany's SPD (the governing party) controls newspapers with a circulatuion of 12 Mio. copies (through the Deutsche Druck und Verlags Gesellechaft). I know it is hard to understand for Amerikans, I was blown away too, and I grew up in Germany. And then Germans are trying to lecture us in Democracy??!!

Idiots seem to come in all colors, not just green:

"Although the loss of lives is deeply saddening, this act of God destroyed a wicked city," stated Repent America director Michael Marcavage.


@ Querdenker:

The last time I checked, Mr. Marcavage was not a powerful minister in an elected national government of one of the world's most developed and prosperous nations.

I don't think German politicians and media pundits have any clue about the widespread anger their comments regarding this hurricane have generated in the US. Many of us, myself included, have hoped that the current animosity would blow over. I don't think it will now. Too many people, Democrats included, are deeply pissed.

Seeing all the thousands of refugees in my city of Houston today, with tens of thousands more pouring in over the next few days, it just makes me sad. It also makes me sad that politicizing dead Americans and the destruction of one of our most beloved cities appeals to German voters. I was predicting (to myself) that this politicization of tragedy was soon to come, but I was hoping it wouldn't. I certainly didn't think it would happen so soon.

I've enjoyed Germany the times I have been there. Germans have always been nice to me and my family, and while there I always did my utmost not to be an "ugly American". I just wanted to blend in, even though I was always pegged as an American. (Hi to anyone in Parsberg or Neumarkt in Bavaria reading this.) I don't want to go back now. Not due to some stupid "boycott" thing. I always thought the "boycott" movement popular with some right-wingers was stupid. I just don't want to visit or associate with a people who hate me and my family so much just because of where I come from.

Sorry if I didn't write this too well. I'm too tired.

Here I am with family during happier times. I felt like posting this photo for some reason. Closure, I guess.


Volksmarches are a German tradition I enjoy. Are there any Americans here like me who have spent time in Germany (outside of living on a military base), liked it, liked the people, then suddenly today feel like they've been slapped in the face?

This is really gut-wrenching to me. It's far worse than the stupid "Americans are blood suckers" thing.

Thanks to this website, I have not completely written off the people of Western Europe, and I have to tell you how difficult it is to keep hanging on to ANY kind of shared humanity with Europeans. I know Minister Trittin does not speak for all Germans or Europeans, but I EXPECTED his comments and opinions to come out of the mouths of Europeans well before I ever read about Trittin. And that, my friends in Europe, does not reflect on your dip-shit Minister nor your media, but that reflects on the people of Germany and Europe because Trittin's views are a common enough attitude and demeanor directed at my country and people. I am sorry to say this is a fair indictment of your country because there are too few people in the media, or as private citizens, that ever defend my country against these kinds of outrageous and insane opinions. Trittin's comments are nothing but hate speech similar to irrational Nazi propaganda about Jews.

Europe, I only expect the worst out of you, and I have never been let down by my low expectations of European behavior.

If it were not for the fact that I am not from the areas affected by Katrina, I would tell you to keep your sympathies and whatever aid you might send. Personally, I feel I would accept neither. From WWII to the present, my family has given enough blood and money to the people of Europe, and it has bought us indifference at best and hatred at worst.

Would you like to know the greatest casualty of the post-9/11 world? The unquestioned good will of the American people for other people of the world. We back up our convictions with our blood and money, Europe has not in any significant manner for the past 60 years.

Don't give me that G.W. Bush ruined it all garbage. I was in Europe in 1998 and heard the hatred well before ole W took office. And I remember all of the anti-American B.S. when Reagan was in office.

For the environmental record:

Last summer I drove across half of the USA, an area in size that Europeans can scarcely comprehend, and I saw NO ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION. There is nothing but pristine wilderness. Yes, wilderness, or at worst, thousands of miles of farmland. I believe only 6 percent of the land in the US is developed, and the vast majority of the developed land is perfectly fine despite the fact that the US is the largest economy in the world. Even areas such as the Great Lakes, which were badly polluted, have recovered after US environmental laws were passed without the prompting of Europeans to do so.

Americans also live, literally, closer to nature than do most Europeans because a significant proportion of Americans live in very rural or suburban areas near rural areas which are in turn near areas that can be considered wild. Try googling the population density and land masses of various US states, or counties within states. In addition, the worst Americans you imagine, those Red State, W voting, Jesus believing conservatives live in closer proximity to "nature" and in harmony with "nature" than those urban, Blue State liberals you seem to have so much in common with.

America has been a leading country, that's leading, in environmental regulation since Teddy Roosevelt. I challenge anyone to come to the US and see a land were the people, the government, and businesses do not care about the environment. Surely, our alleged wanton disregard for the environment would result in a ruined land similar to Tolkien's Mordor. Alas, heathen Earth-worshipers, the US under G.W. Bush more resembles Eden or Lorien than Hell. Try taking a trip through eastern Europe, China, or any third world ex-Communist country in the world and not see the ravages of a total disregard for the future based on immediate needs and wants - greed.

We are a free market economy of moral individuals and institutions, not robber barons of Marxist fantasies bent on world domination and destruction.

We don't need Kyoto!!!!!!!

Oh, and I heard a poll from Iraq today, 80% of the people plan on voting in the upcoming elections, and a similar amount want women to have equal rights. We did not "force democracy" on anyone, which is a contradiction in terms; we fight for the Iraqis to be free and to determine a better future for themselves, eventually to be free of our presence. A better future for them means a better future for us. Is Germany worse off after America and the other Allies defeated Hitler? How about Japan? Are both present day pawns of American imperialism?

If you had only showed as much public venom towards Sadaam's Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, China, the Soviet Union, or whoever as you constantly direct towards the US, especially recently, then I might consider Europe at least mentally balanced. Not one demonstration for "Peace" against the USSR, China, Serbia, Cuba, North Korea, Libya, Sudan............

I'll pray for you, and I'll pray for myself so that I don't become like you.

Sorry for the length David & Ray, but thank you for this website, your sanity, and your goodwill (as well as other like minded Germans/Europeans). You are helping to defeat the anger and hysteria between our countries. It's very hard sometimes not to be angry and lash out. If any US politician in W's administration had said anything remotely similar.......

I can't easily forget this or believe it is an isolated opinion after the vitriol of recent events and the bed of 20 or 30 years of similar vitriol it rests upon.

Chapel Hill, NC

Note from David: Many thanks for your comment. There isn't one word I couldn't agree with.

An utterly disgusting "politician"....

Sadly, I cannot get worked up over this - it is nothing new. Although I should perhaps be amazed at the depths to which German politicians can sink, I am not. After 19 years of living in this country, I am not at all shocked by the sanctimonious self-righteousness so prevalent among those in the halls of power in Berlin and the state capitals. It's par for the course.

That Post from the US article at SPON just makes me angry, and feel helpless...

First posting a quote of Mr. Trittin to the US press, without further comments about this frustrated environmentalist who does not represent the majority of the German citizens (he never did), and who will be politically insignificant after the elections in about 17 days anyways. Then posting back the reactions of (understandingly) furious Americans.

What is the purpose of all this? There is only one explanation... The press is just trying their best to make both countries deeply hate each other, because hate sells.

Now consider the reactions of Germany after reading those comments on SPON... Those people who already donated and now have to read "thanks for nothing". And those people who will now refrain from donating because "those Americans are ungrateful anways".

And there is nothing I could do to stop this madness...


Sorry, but my interpretation of the published comments is a slightly different one. Firstly not that many people support Trittin's politics anyway and many people I talked to found it outrageous that he had to kick somebody who's already on the ground instead of offering a helping hand. I and many other Germans can understand the reaction of the people who are victims of this storm or who have lost loved ones. Trittin's words or the reaction won't keep us from donating something. It's more like we feel more inclined to donate to free us from the shame somebody like Trittin is putting on all Germans.

Thankfully the chance that he will serve another term is somewhere next to zero.

Could someone please design a banner that expresses sympathy with all those affected by Katrina?

Something expressing condolences and German support for America etc.

I would put such a banner on our homepage:

Mahlzahn is right: "Right now, the situation calls for empathy with the people in the American south"

And Chancellor Schroeder sent a letter of condolences to President Bush:

German bloggers could do more. A banner would be appropriate, I think.
Unfortunately, I don't know anything about graphic design, don't have photoshop, and I am not very creative at all. I don't even know how to write a proper and meaningful letter of condolences and support.

I do not expect anything else from the insane left, so I'm not surprised by Juergen Tritt-Ihn's comments. What bothers me much more is that there is no public backlash. Neither Merkel nor any other high ranking CDU or FDP member is coming forward.

Yeah, there we go again, the insane German left... What about the insane American left? Isn't it also "anti-American" to be American and have this kneejerk reaction linking the pics on tv to Bush's climate policy?

I'm simlply asking because the German and the American left seem to be quite similar in this regard. Alongside with Malzahn, SPON is also running an article from Sidney Blumenthal. (Yes, he is a former Clinton aide.)

I simply suggest to broaden the concept of anti-Americanism to a substantial portion of the Americans themselves and a fair bit of the rest of the world (except perhaps India and Israel)...

Here's the piece, written by an American quite similar to Trittin:


"No One Can Say they Didn't See it Coming"

(Note from David: Text deleted. No need to include the full text, since you provided the link)

Now, don't tell me we in Europe are the only ones having a problem with anti-Americanism!

Note from David: No, we won't broaden the scope of this blog. No need to shed light on the idiocy of the American left. Thousands of U.S. blogs are in this business already, most notably Instapundit.
I guess I said this a thousand times...

Oh Linda - we all know the US left is anti-american to the extreme as well

And yes - you can be American and anti-american at the same time

Its simple - you just adopt a worldview that blames almost every ill in the world in the actions or inactions of the USA

As David said - there is plenty of expose of this crap already - Instapundit is just one

What this site does is expose the pervasive German anti-americanism - driven in large part by the Euro media

@ David and Pogue Mahone

I wasn't calling for the "broadening of this blog"! I was calling for a broadening of the concept of anti-Americanism. Boutique blogs like DMKO need to come out of the trenches EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE and ask the WHY question. Denouncing anti-Americanism is the easy first step. But you guys need to grow up (I suggest: less pubescent anger) and answer why the German media and with it the MSM in the US and most of the rest of the world is so wrong. The problematique you are discussing here is a piece of the puzzle, but you rarely try to paint the big picture.

Do you hate me now?

PS: And yes, I know you have a lot of readers, but this doesn't say anything. Real debate is a higher virtue than people who have too much time to surf the web.

Red Linda, "Do you hate me now?"

(Hate) != (Pity)

@SwampFox -
Try googling the population density and land masses of various US states, or counties within states. In addition, the worst Americans you imagine, those Red State, W voting, Jesus believing conservatives live in closer proximity to "nature" and in harmony with "nature" than those urban, Blue State liberals you seem to have so much in common with.

I think that's because there appears to be a direct correlation between population density and susceptibility to populism. Rural folks seem to place more stock in what they see, and urban folks seem to place more stock in what they hear. Great comment, by the way.

@Vierie -
Your outlook is admirable.

@RedLinda -
Boutique blogs like DMKO need to come out of the trenches EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE and ask the WHY question.

We know why. That's routinely examined by Medienkritik, No Pasaran, E-nough, and even larger opinion outlets. It's just that the answer isn't precisely what the L3 would prefer others to believe about them.

answer why the German media and with it the MSM in the US and most of the rest of the world is so wrong.

For example, there's the left's cherished notion that they are a consensus majority. "Everyone I know believes it, so it must be true!" is not objectively observed reality, but populist ideology.

I could answer the American portion of your demand (was it delivered with spoon banging on high chair?), but it would take entirely too much space for a blog devoted to German media. However, the two-word summary would still be "populist ideology".

Well, congratulations Minister Trittin.

First off, you've shown yourself to be a crass political opportunist and a horrible human being. Maybe you can top yourself by blaming the next tsunami on the government of Indonesia or something like that.

Second, you just complicated what little chance their was of getting the U.S. into Kyoto or Kyoto 2. Why? What American politician is going to want to sit across the table from you and shake your hand on TV, after you have said such heartless things? You've just given another black eye to the few pro-Kyoto supporters in the U.S. But then, perhaps this was your intention all along. I am sure that by stirring up the green party electorate with your "kill two birds with one stone" denunciation of President Bush coupled with your avowed concern for the Kyoto Protocols will bring in a few more Euros in political contributions and get a couple more voters to the polls. And your loony allies like Greenpeace in the U.S. can use the continued inability to pass Kyoto (abetted by your own politcal stupidity) to sell a few more calendars and inspire a few more sit-ins.

You left out the official statements from the German government...

Information Services

press release September 1st

chancellor Schröder

“The citizens of the United States should know that Germany is truly and firmly at their side”

foreign minister Fischer

In case the last link’s content is too short, here’s an excerpt from the German foreign ministry newsletter:

“Mit Trauer und Entsetzen habe ich die verheerenden Zerstörungen des Hurrikans Katrina in Louisiana, Mississippi und Alabama und den anderen betroffenen Gebieten verfolgt. Unsere Gedanken sind bei den Angehörigen der zahlreichen Opfer, den vielen Verletzten sowie allen Menschen, die ihr Heim verloren haben oder um Angehörige und Freunde bangen. Unsere Solidarität muss den betroffenen Menschen gelten.
Den Helferinnen und Helfern vor Ort wünsche ich viel Kraft und Durchhaltevermögen. Die Bundesregierung ist zu jedweder Hilfeleistung und Unterstützung bereit, um dieser entsetzlichen Naturkatastrophe Herr zu werden bzw. deren Folgen zu beseitigen.”

Thanks for pointing those out, Grendel.

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