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Congratulations to all on a job well done! :D

Wish I could have been there!

Ray, great photoblogging. Thank you.

Thank you from the western side.

Thank you!!!

You're right about the Peoples Cube. Very funny.


Ray, something is wrong here! Do you mean to say, 99% of the Americans didn't support the appeasement rally? Hmmm...my CNN and my New York Times told me there were 10,000,000 of those peaccccccccceee-lovingggggggggggg-let's-be-friends-with-islamofascists who descended on DC.

I don't believe my lying eyes.

Good job, Sir.


>>"Hmmm...my CNN and my New York Times told me there were 10,000,000 of those peaccccccccceee-lovingggggggggggg-let's-be-friends-with-islamofascists who descended on DC."

Right, and there were a few things they didn't tell you, too. For example, although the WaPo had tons of coverage of the "peace" march, they apparently thought it would be "tasteless" to mention that it was organized and funded by a Stalinist organization. They mentioned the head honcho's name, but not a thing about his background. As for the "peaceful" nature of these hypocrites, check out the home grown anarchists. Every once in awhile a big pack of them would gather and threaten those of us on the other side. They were going to find out where we lived, track us down, catch us after the demonstration, etc., etc. You won't read about that in the WaPo or the New York Times, either. They were just the heroes to carry out those threats, too. Most of them didn't look like they could have weighed more than 98 pounds if they were sopping wet, making allowance for the accumulated crud, since most of them looked like they hadn't bathed in some time (see Ray's photos). They were quite courageous in large packs, behind police lines, surrounded by their fellow Stalinist stooges in "peace" and "love" regalia. Surreal!


So many cover their faces. Must be afraid to be identified as being for "peace"? Someone mentioned some place that their was a huge Book Fair going on the mall and that the papers were spinning those going to the Book Fair at attending the march. I take that to mean the number at the Book Fair dawarfed the "peace" protesters.

@Everybody who's sick of the MSM coverage of the protests. Take a break and visit the "Saddam Show" and click on the videos.

Maybe it's because I'm tired, but I'm still wiping tears of laughter from my eyes. :-)


SPOD, maybe there's a reason for the masks. If they were let off their leash and they tried to catch an oncoming 18-wheeler, they would need a mask. Kinda like Wiley Coyote.

The German press seems to have noted the anti-war demonstrations but not the pro-war ones. Of course, in a country which, along with France and others, protested the illegality of the invasion and moved for peaceful means to end the problem, this might well be expected.


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