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This shouldn't be a suprise. The Green's have no problem with any of the islamo-fascists or Palestinian terror groups. This is true of the left, communists and socalists in the US as well. They share core ideology. If they had their way most of the west would live as the Palestinians do.

Nowadays it's the left-wingers that are the worse and the most fanatic opponents of Israel. The roles are assigned. Israel is the bad guy and will always be. It seems to me that some people just need that. I think for them it's a way of feeling better themselves. If therefore you have to choose terrorists as allies, why not?


Those familiar with colors know that

The German foreign office also is anticipating the decisions of the new government:

China will continue to give priority to its relations with Germany and is willing to make coordinate efforts to deepen relations with the country, a senior Chinese official has said.

During a meeting on Wednesday with Klaus Scharioth, State Secretary of the German Federal Foreign Office, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui said that bilateral ties are in good shape.

For his part, Scharioth said that Germany and China enjoy a very close relationship in political, economic and other fields, according to a press release issued by the Chinese embassy in Berlin.

The new German government will stick to the one-China policy, which is shared by all main parties in Germany, Scharioth said.

Never mind that CDU, FDP and Greens oppose Gerhard Schröder's appeasement of China. It was only Joschka Fischer who sacrificed his party's criticism of China to the prolongation of the "Red-Green project". But Klaus Scharioth already seems to know that Gerhard Schröder will be able to continue his China and Russia policies.

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