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Well, according to the Astra Website you (in Germany) can receive the following: http://www.ses-astra.com/tv-radio/guide/lineup/markets/D_all.htm

If you're in the UK (or, like me, you have a UK address) you can receive http://www.ses-astra.com/tv-radio/guide/lineup/markets/UK_all.htm

If you're in Germany you can receive Al "There wasn't a Holocaust" but not Fox News.

By the way... if you're worried about the GEZ do what I did. Tell them you've thrown your TV sets out of the window because you were so appalled by the lack of quality of German Television. Worked for me. You're not obliged to let a GEZ guy into your home anyway. Just tell them to f.o.

Finally: That's where this blog should get together with our friends in UK regarding the BBC license fee. If you take the enforced licensing fees away from these appalling communist state-run TV / radio outlets they will suffer. If you're conservative don't pay for their tripe. What you need is "ARD / ZDF doesn't speak for me" stickers. Grass roots revolutions have happened, there should be more.

Via satellite (Hotbird)
Both available

I live in southern Germany and receive Fox News via BSkyB from the UK. It is not an easy process and is considerably more expensive than if I lived in the UK. Because of advertizing commitments, Sky does not want users outside those resident in the UK. That has nothing to do with Fox because their european transmission carries no advertisements - just endless repetition of worldwide weather during the US commercial breaks.

The service provided in Europe appears to be a direct retransmission of their entire US programming, unlike CNN and CNBC which interrupt the US stream with local (European) programming.

Yes, it's a breath of fresh air in Germany. So much so that I expect the authorities to intervene at some point to stop it. That's not something one should be concerned about in an open, free society, is it?

As for Fox available on Hotbird, several years ago it was scrambled at that satellite position. Is it now FTA (free-to-air) and can you openly receive it? Is it digital or analog.

BSkyB is scrambled (and uncracked), digital and your satellite dish must be pointed at ASTRA 28.2°East, not at 19.2E where most of the astra satellites are. You cannot subscribe directly through BSkyB because of the UK address problem, you will need a local service provider.

Having done a preliminary search, I am somewhat certain that Foxnews is only available encrypted from Hotbird at 13E. See:

Also, on Fox's website they indicate that Foxnews is available on cable in Hessian:


Having done a preliminary search, I am somewhat certain that Foxnews is only available encrypted from Hotbird at 13E. See:


Also, on Fox's website they indicate that Foxnews is available on cable in Hessen from iesy:


They give no other source in Germany, and no source whatsoever in France.

As far as I can determine without dragging my old digital receiver out of the cellar and rotating my dish, Foxnews cannot be received in Germany Free-To-Air or over standard cable.

In discussions/arguments with German acquaintances over American politics I often come across a smirking dismissal of Foxnews. When I ask if they have ever really watched it they answer "Of course". But when I challenge them and inform them of the fact that I really do receive it and their description of what they think they have seen is inconsistent with what I have actually watched, they start to back out and hum and haw about how they heard about it from some other friend...

As a result, I have become suspicious of those in Germany who claim to have watched Fox. However it may have become available in the past six months without my noticing. On Fox itself they regularly welcome new listeners once they extend their coverage. Recently I have heard them welcome Japan, the Netherlands and Turkey. I haven't heard anything about Germany yet.

There's also plenty of info here: http://www.howtogermany.com/pages/radio.html

Thanks disillusioned_german. That link you provided is mostly about receiving Sky in Germany (certainly as far as getting Fox goes) and they reference a provider called "German Sky Service". That's the one we currently use. We've tried others, one of whom turned out to be a charlatan, but we have had no problems whatsoever with "German Sky". I'd supply a link but that would be abusing Ray & Dave's bandwidth and appear to be advertizing. Besides, it's easy to google.

Anyone planning on settling in Germany from an english speaking country should be warned in advance: there's almost no English language programming available outside the UK. The little that is available is expensive and difficult to receive. From reading this site you might get the impression that all Germans speak and write excellent English. Nothing could be further from the truth. Little English is spoken here, almost none is heard, films are dubbed in German, not subtitled. Clearly this site has attracted some of the best English speaking Germans as contributors: Congrats to Ray and Dave.

Around the time of the Iraq war, Fox News suddenly appeared on the Astra satellite, but a couple months later it was encrypted, and I decided not to buy a decoder and pay for a subscription just for the one extra station that I wanted. Some time after that, it disappeared from Astra.

I think most people here in Germany have cable. But many people, like me, live in small towns where cable is not available, or, like my uncle in Munich, they prefer not to pay the cable fees. Most of these people, like me, are typically set up to receive the Astra satellite analog stations which do not include either Al-Jazeera or Fox News. However, almost all new satellite receivers can receive digital satellite stations, so anyone who buys or has recently bought a new satellite receiver, will be able to receive free digital Al-Jazeera if they have a decoder, but not fox news.

So for the typical German satellite viewer who has a single feed dish aimed at Astra, I think it would be easier to receive Al-Jazeera than Fox News.

Looking at the Hotbird list from the link you provided, it appears that, for those who have a double feed dish or one aimed at Hotbird, it might also be easier to receive Al-Jazeera than Fox News, since it is not encrypted.

The last time I rebooted my digital satellite receiver (Astra) and deleted all the unncessary channels, I noticed there were, all in all, only very few foreign channels that were unencrypted. Some Spanish and French ones, a Turkish one, ORF2 (Austrian; sometimes encrypted), Al-Jazeera, CNN International, and a few minor other ones I can't remember right now. There was also Eurosport and Bloomsberg (or whatever that one's called), but they're multilingual. I'm fairly certain that I was once able to receive BBC, but that was some time ago.
Not that it bothers me: I've got Internet access (at least as long as it's not raining or some tractor runs over a telephone pole; again). Besides, Al-Jazeera I don't understand (and can't even read), and CNN I don't like since their "patriotic" coverage of "the Armstrong scandal". At least for news, who needs TV? (The average German doesn't understand the English channels anyway.)

Actually, it is not that difficult to watch Fox News in some areas of Germany. All you need is access to digital cable television (i.e., cable tv with a digital decoder). Some regional cable providers, such as iesy in Hessen and I believe also ish in Northrhine-Westphalia offer relatively cheap english language packages. For example, in Hessen I can get a package including Fox News, BBC Prime, BBC World and the North American Sports Network for just under six euros a month. That's definitely a reasonable price tag.

re statler:

In my opinion, Fox may be worth 6 euros but sadly the BBC is a shadow of its former self. I haven't watched it in years except by mistake or in a hotel somewhere. Compared to blogs or Fox, it's a poor attempt at undergraduate drivel. Wouldn't pay a penny for it.

But just to be clear, the list of stations you cite is not what most people consider english language programming. For example, there are no entertainment, childrens or movie channels available.

Strange considering that:

1. So much english language programming is available from many countries
2. The UK is a part of the EU
3. English is the defacto international language
4. Satellite technology is older than the internet
5. German language programming is widely available via Astra satellites as far away as Russia.

It's almost as if a deliberate attempt were being made to suppress English...

Sean, I subscribe to Sky directly because I have an address in the UK - if I had to watch German TV I would probably have committed suicide by now. Thanks to the internet we got a lot more news sources that ever before. (I'm also a subscriber to Dayton Daily News because my girlfriend lives there - unthinkable a few years ago). Since the fall of the Berlin wall Germany has become, well, I'd call it "more German". More (crap) German programming and more left-wing. Maybe that's an effect of adding a formerly communist country to your existing state, I don't know. What they're trying to do over here is keep people stupid and when I read German newspapers or watch German TV at my parents I must say they have succeeded! I only watch the BBC News for entertainment reasons these days (and in order to comment on the BBC Bias blog) ;-) Fox News rules!

disillusioned_german, intriguing tactics though, wouldn't you say: keep people clueless while simultaneously encouraging them to believe they are among the world's most informed? There are enough complaints in the US or the UK about their own poor quality TV but at least there few consider themselves to be an expert after watching one news program on a subject of importance.

It was during the mid term elections in 2002 that I decided to fork out the extra money for Sky. I'd been forced to watch CNN and German programming on the 911 catastrophe and its aftermath. I'll never forget the morning the results of the those elections were announced on CNN - the presenters were visibly in shock at the Republican gains in the House and the Senate. They had no idea which way the elections were going - sadly, as a result, nor did their viewers. In all the years that I watched CNN I never considered myself to be well informed on the issues, other than what I was reading on the internet. Germans that I talk to don't seem to be similarly cautious with what they watch on TV.

It's been said by others, but you would think that the last century of tragedy in Europe and the failure of both diplomacy and war would have given rise to a larger degree of humility in the current crisis than we are witnessing.

Sean: There's something the left is very good at - Propaganda. Probably they've studied Joseph Goebbels too much but they're doing a good job (if you're a leftie, that is). Sadly there's no fair and balanced reporting on UK TV either. Even though Sky News is a Murdoch company they're almost as left-wing as the BBC (we've discussed that on Biased BBC a lot). That's all down to the fact that they're all coming from the Guardian's Media University... ;-)

disillusioned_german, I watched SkyNews reporting of the July London bombings, given that we had an August vacation there directly in front of us, so I know what you mean. The coverage was hardly distinguishable from CNN. That is not meant as a compliment. In the six months following 911, CNN played with a pseudo-story about increased levels of attacks against muslims in the USA. Statistics clearly showed there was no rise in such attacks. Those statistics were never mentioned by CNN while I watched. SkyNews was in the process of floating a similar story in the UK following the July bombings. As yet I do not know what the statistics will actually show, but my bets are on the whole story being fabricated. The tone of the entire reporting was how to place the blame for the bombings on the war in Iraq.

To my knowledge there are no noteworthy news broadcasts from the UK which is regrettable given that the Brits used be so good at it up until the 1990's. Who could forget the BBC World Service (on short-wave radio). What went wrong? The Guardian's Media University you say? What's that?

Sean: The Guardian Media University doesn't really exist. I call it that because (like in the US) most journalism schools in Europe are dominantly left-wing. Apart from that the BBC posts thei job vacancies exclusively in the Guardian (left-wing to the extreme) and then a lot of "journalist" leave the BBC for other employers at some stage (i.e. Sky) so you are hardly likely to find a conservative journalist in Britain.

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