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Wahlplakat SPD mit Schröder in groß:

"Wer Frieden will, muß standhaft sein".

Gegen wen? Was soll dieses blödsinnige Plakat?!


Sorry, die url fehlte

Ein anderes Plakat:

"Wir stehen für den Mut zum Frieden. Aber wofür stehen die anderen?"

Das ist einfach nur noch ekelhaft.

Remember Sgt. Schultz?

The American Media does not do a much better job I have a post on my blog called
The News and Shell Games
What I want to know, is under WHICH Shell, can you find the pea?

I mean where is the REAL News these days?

There were over 280 protests, demonstrations and riots in Iran during the month of July, where demonstrators were not only fired upon but arrested and summarily executed on the street?

But then the OFFICIAL reports may be that their injuries were self inflicted???


I agree with the "Why are the German media" part.

It should have become obvious by now to the foreign or domestic reader that the German mass media have become hopelessly biased. Even to the point, were they resemble strongly the departed GDR in their anti Americanism.

How could this happen? Wasn't Germany at one time before the 1970ies our strongest ally in Europe?

Germany's cultural and even historical collapse was a result of its Cultural Revolution that started in the late sixties and has not ended yet.

Ever since, the German mass media has been very selective in its reporting by picking almost exclusively on atrocities committed by friends of the U.S (like Pinochet). At the same time, they stayed practically silent about those atrocities committed by authoritarian governments who are or were enemies of the U.S. (e.g. Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, etc.)

Even in the case of 15 Million expellees from East Germany, the left wing trend in the German media supported Willy Brandt and assorted German leftists by attacking the vital interests and human rights of their own German people

One may say in conclusion, nobody should be surprised if the German media prefer to attack their old ally America, as long as they don't even shy away from attacking their own people. These are German people who suffered their own deaths of murdered Millions next to the Holocaust under the Soviet Empire.

Only a complete economic collapse under a red-red-green government might be able to open the eyes of German burgers who have been hoodwinked once again (as if the 12 years under the Nazis were not enough?)


"Wer Frieden will, muß standhaft sein".
I always thought it was
Si vis pacem, para bellum.
Which, aside from being a millenium or two older, also has a much better ring to it.

In response to the question, "Why Are the German Media Silent about Iranian Terror?", the answer is quite simple. Americans aren't responsible for the deaths. It really is just that simple.


I'll have to agree with Dan on this one. David and Ray D. do an excellent job of watching the German media, but sometimes you have to cover the entire problem and that includes the strangely quiet 'Dignity for Mankind' folks over here.

But I forgot about Cindy.....never mind.

What David and Ray D do BEST is not just watch and report the bias in the European Media but help us remember there are SOME Europeans who are with us, instead of against us. This is important to remember.

While for instance Liberte J'cris Ton Nomme the French Libertarian Party has stated that probably 90% of France is pretty much anti-American the fact that 10% is not and that Liberte J'cris Ton Nomme actually held a Pro-Iraqi War march means something to this American, the fact that along with the usual "We hate America" crowd, our President was greeted on his recent stop over in Denmark with American flags being waved snd the singing of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

And THIS American remembers that while Spain went for the Socialist Vote in the last election and rolled over for the Jihadists it was a CLOSE election and could have gone the otherway so a LARGE percentage of Spanish citizen do not deserve teh slurs cast upon them by some.

Medienkritik is important to me not just to find out what slanders the Gernan and European Media have thrown at us lately, but to remind myself that even there. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

However I do find the word Bias to be on the tame side.

It's like saying Torquemonda and the Inquisition were biased against Jews and Heretics, it leaves out the feverish desire to see us burned at the stake. ;-)

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