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Test. Does Typekey work with anything else than the Micro$oft Interest Exposer?

Anyway... OT, but important - Springer takes over Pro7 / Sat1 from Haim Saban. Maybe we should eMail Döpfner and tell him that we want to see something like FoxNews:



that would be logical that it only works with Internet Explorer.
Bill Gates, being the AntiChrist, is trying to control free speech.
I am sure anything written using IE is passed along to Microsoft HQ..
How else would you explain his meteoric rise? Gates must be beelzebub

Works all right for me on Safari...

@ Ray and David

I have no problem with this as a way to prevent spam and invective, but I hope it will not become a means to avoid disagreement. For example, fuchur frequently disagrees with the thrust of this site, but does so civilly and sensibly. I like dialogue.



"No one experienced any problems with Firefox, Safari or Opera."

Well, I do.


"Gates must be beelzebub"

Not quite. But I do not trust Micro$oft, and the Department of Justice isn't that satisfied with M$, either:


(DoJ under Bush, that is.)

or look at this, "Found 11882 matching documents."


@ Jeff

We welcome a good debate and a disagreement. We just want to avoid the spammers and Amihassers of the world.

"But I do not trust Micro$oft..."

Wow! How could I have not guessed that?

I'll have to remember that the next time I deal with those sleazebags over at $AP.

I have no trouble with Firefox on Linux. You have to adjust your browser I believe as you have a setting messed up or something.

Thank you for making the site require registration David and Ray.

What pray tell are you running, Sock? SUSE or fedora?

It runs fine with Debian & Firefox, without making any changes.

I run Mandrake 9.2 ( Yea I know it's old) and Debian testing. (Installed from a Knoppix CD. Sources set for Debian Testing)


No problems with Win/Firefox or Win/Opera here.

Maxton works fine as well.

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