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Thats what it is all about. Actually, the reaction of the left shows exactly why we need conservative mass media here in Germany.

And don't tell me it will not fly here in Germany. Think about the US media 20 years ago.


Did anyone consider that the portfolio of Bertelsmann and Springer might not be the same? As far as I know, Springer does not have a CD-label, for example. But here's some numbers from http://unternehmen.monster.de/bertelsde/ how and with what Bertelsmann makes money.

Percentage of those afore-mentioned 17 billion euros gross net (or whatever you economics guys call that):

RTL Group 27.7% (TV/Radio)
Random House 10.2% (books, but maybe also magazines?)
Gruner + Jahr 13.9% (magazines)
BMG 14.5% (music)
Arvato 21.3% ("media services", customer stuff, IT, printing etc)
Direct Group 12.4% (the Bertelsmann Club, etc)

So, this tells us, Bertelsmann grosses about 45%, 8 billion euros, in what I would call the politically relevant areas, TV and magazines. (Random House is too general, I believe, so I included only half of it in this number.)

ProSiebenSat1 grosses about 1.8 billion euros, according to Die Zeit (http://www.zeit.de/2005/33/Springer1). So that is significantly less than RTL Group.

I couldn't find a comparable listing of the different parts of Springer online. (I gave up due to tiredness). I believe that Springer sells a lot of academic books, but if those carry a significant amount of the 1.8 billion euros it grosses, I do not know. Anyway, Bertelmann wins.

And finally, here's some recent numbers (second quarter 2005) I just found on ivw.de (one needs to register to get in, but it's free). Bild has a daily circulation of about 3.7 million copies (except on Sundays, then it's 2 million copies of Sunday Bild). That might explain why people think of Bild as *the* Springer publication. And the tabloid Bild is mostly good at making money and creating opinions, but not when it comes to deep, insightful journalism. (You may disagree. I think there's a link to "Bild Blog" somewhere in the blogroll.)

As a comparison: Spiegel sells about 1 million copies weekly, so does Stern, according to ivw.de, again.

I just wanted to add some details.

Regards, Daniel

Note from David: Good job, Daniel!

Thanks, David.
There seems to be something wrong with "the 1.8 billion Springer grosses" I mentioned. The number is not completely off, but I probably mixed it up with what ProSiebenSat1 grosses. Ray's post says something about 2.5 billion and that sounds more right.

Regards, Daniel

There might be another striking difference between german and american conservatives as well.
I know this is somewhat off-topic, but it came into my mind when reading this article


Arent the american conservatives very christian and religious?
If thats correct, the last passage of that article about christianity in germany might be interesting to read:

"And below, there will probably be some 800,000 young people, cheering and impressed by the pope, by the Lord and by themselves. [At the world youth day in cologne]

Then he'll be off. Back to Rome. The last World Youth Day visitor will hardly have left the grounds before the signs in Cologne will be swapped. The election campaign, dealing with pension reform, health insurance reform and tax rebates will then kick off. The name Benedict XVI is unlikely to crop up much.

The Germans have irrevocably moved into a post-religious world. They would like to believe. They suspect that it might help and therefore they respect anyone who is able to believe. But they themselves, for the most part, can't do it anymore. They read Peter Hahne, because Ratzinger is too hard for them. They still say "the pope is right, that's how it should be." But if a politician starts seriously talking about God, they roll their eyes and change the channel.

The pilgrimage paths on Our Lady's field will be deconstructed in an environmentally sound fashion. The components are biodegradable. Only the 3,000 chalices made by ThyssenKrupp pose a slight problem. They have been built to last an eternity and cannot be recycled. And very soon there will no use for them in this country. Only the papal hill will remain. It will be a reminder of an unreal event. Something which is almost impossible to believe."

And i can fully agree to that - believing into something might help you in living your life a lot, but one isnt able to believe anymore.

Its a long article, which also includes statistical numbers for christians in germany:

"Every 75 seconds, a Christian leaves the church. In 2003, 180,000 Protestants left the church. Only 60,000 joined.

The Catholic Church, is hardly in better shape: in March the German bishops' conference published a sobering set of figures under the title "the Catholic Church in Germany -- Statistical Data 2003." According to the report, the number of Catholics has decreased every year since 1974. The latest figures for 2003 show that around 65,000 more Catholics were buried as were baptized. Far more people leave the church than enter it.

This meant in 2003 there was a "decision to join negative," as they put it in the report, of 117,000. Fewer Catholics were baptized in 2003 than at any time since 1960. There were exactly 205,904 Catholic baptisms in 2003. That's 3.5 percent lower than the previous years and 31 percent lower than in 1990. In other words, Catholics are dying out."

Thats all nice but most conservatives I know are agnostic or atheist. There are certainly some religious conservatives but there are just as many religious liberals. I stay away from religious nut cases thank goodness there are so few.

The German press is even doing it in the non-german output on DW. It makes no sense. It's as though they do it because it will come out of their pores anyway. They're talking to non-voters who are worth less than headlice to the left right now.

@Zyme "Arent the american conservatives very christian and religious?"
Aren't all Germans beer drinking people in short leather pants wanting to take over Poland?

Such a stereotype.

Americans still feelan obligation to Christ as a moral leader. German don't HAVE to believe in anything except fighting for their welfare benefits orthe right to chastise entrepeneurs. Its sad and its hype mostly,they are jsut selling the same drivel to the same people. Give it a couple of years and you'll seesjust as many German "conservatives" as there are anywhere else.

And don't forget the CBC does DWelle and they fought Foxnews tooth and nail but its thriving up there now.

I predict that Linus or Schroeder or whatshisname will lose his ass in a shrill whining campaign ala Carter v.Reagan and the new Angie gubmint will start the painful march back to civilization.The German people owe you a great honor David and you will never be forgiven for your success!!!

Ray and David - the Typekey signin is not working as it should. I click the sign in link and it doesn't allow me to sign in. I finally got in by using the 'open the link in another page' option.


You wrote correctly: "The Germans have irrevocably moved into a post-religious world."

It probably would be more appropriate to name the move of Germany into the "pre-christian era" because it is already accompanied by a regression in culture and by progression of lewd, selfish and loud behavior offending friends and neighbors alike. It will be folllowed by a yet reduced respect for life itself and human dignity in general. One used to say jokingly in the preceding century: "Conditions like in ancient Rome" to describe particularly wild, anarchistic and unrestrained, barbaric human behavior.

Most Germans do not seem to know it yet but that is exactly the end station for all human behavior which is not restrained by a powerful and morally divine supreme authority. One would have thought that people in the center of a former "Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation" would have learned by now such unforgettable lessons of history.

For all of you who might not know Springer and its "Bild" very well, you should have a climse look over to this website:


A Grimme-Award-winning watchblog about Germany`s biggest newspaper.

Then you know why people in Germany don`t want Springer to be even stronger.

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