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It's the truth but getting anyone in Germany or Europe for that matter to believe this will nearly impossible. The attitude will be as it has been, if we leave them alone or side with them they will not bother us.

Wait until Iran has it's first A-bomb. Iran may already have a missle which may be able to hit France and Germany. Then you will see real islamo-fascist blackmail. By the way this isn't just AQ's goal it's the goal of all the islamo-fascist movements. Submit to Islam and pay tribute to it or die. Wonderful No?

Whats amazing to me is the way all of this seems so familiar

Some day - many years from now - people will look back at the present and last 15-20 years and say "how did they not see this coming - the Mullahs had written it all down for everyone to see"

I am thinking of my friends in London who are under attack now - and their government had let the madness at the Finbury Park Mosque go on for years - in plain view

They seemed to think they had "a deal" - we'll let you spew hate - you leave us alone

When will they learn this doesn't work

Locke had it right 300 years ago: you cannot tolerate those who do not tolerate.

And this is news how? Bat Ye'or has been chronicling Eurabiazation for years. The EU itself was conceived as a construct to serve as a counterweight to the U.S. since about 1898. Europe's anti-Americanism manufactured a consensus that viewed Islam as a useful tool against the U.S. The Islamofacists have used Europe's anti-American pathology to reverse the dynamic in order to grant Europe its precious desire - it will indeed be the counterforce against the U.S. Congratulations. Be careful what you wish for.

OT, but of interest: Clive Davis has conducted an interview with Jeff Gedmin (Aspen Institute). He's got some of it on his blog.
CD: Many American commentators argue the German social model is broken beyond repair? Are they right?

JG: Yes. Take the country as a whole: mass unemployment, an ageing population, declining birth rates. Germans still regulate virtually anything that moves. This attitude - it starts in the minds of people - kills individual initiative, responsibility, risk, innovation. All in the name of "social justice," of course.


Note from David: Thanks for the link, Pamela. Coincidence - I just mentioned Jeff Gedmin's interview in a posting.


Ha! Great minds and all that!


Ha! Great minds and all that!

@JeffM -

Locke had it right 300 years ago: you cannot tolerate those who do not tolerate.

What about Nigel Powers, three years ago? "There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch."

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