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The real appeaser is the infamous Mr. Galloway... It doesn't get any worse.

This is from MEMRI:


Galloway on Syrian TV, July 31, 2005

"Mr. Blair is using this crime and all these dead people as a justification for this absurd idea of a war on terrorism. 'Terror' is a word... Terror is a tactic, it's not a strategy. The idea that Muslims have some kind of sickness in their bodies, which must be cured, which is the idea behind Bush, behind Mr. Blair, and behind Mr. Berlusconi's government in Italy - It must be resisted. It's not the Muslims who are sick. It's Bush and Blair and Berlusconi who are sick. It's not the Muslims who need to be cured. It's the imperialist countries that need to be cured."

"It's Bush and Blair and Berlusconi who are sick"

What an idiot, he forgot the JOOOOOS !

"Credits to Mr Galloway for pointing out which country the terrorists should strike at next".

Some time ago a map of important Italian objects (such as aiports) was found in Iraq. I don't remember the details, but the map belonged to some terrorists (Al-Zarqawi people? I'm not sure).

But its not the hardcore appeasers like Galloway who are really the problem

These "usefull idiots" have always existed - we have to deal with them but they are identifiable and easily refuted

Its the softcore appeasers - like Schroeder - who must be dealt with

Galloway and his ilk will never change - until the day he is on his knees with the knife at his neck

But perhaps Schoeder - or the German public - can be brought around to understand the folly of appeasement

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