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" [.....]It is also a city of neighbourhoods, some quite colourful and charming, like Kreuzberg[.....]

Mr. Gedmin complains about Antiamericanism and he calls the most Anti-American place in Germany " charming ". Is this a joke ? Everybody , who ever visited Kreuzberg knows this is the worst Part of Berlin. A dirty rat hole full of radical Islamists and Anarchists. The 1st of May riots who take place in Kreuzberg every year are well known . Kreuzberg also made some headlines when Christian Stroebele, a former RAF terrorist sympathizer and one of the most radical members of the Green Party won the first ever direct mandate for his party there in 2002.
If there is a "no go area" for Americans in Germany it is Berlin Kreuzberg. . Maybe Gedmin wears a Che Guevara shirt when he's walking through this colorful and charming neighborhood.

After watching your pointless remarks for a while, you convinced me that you need to see your proctologist for a lobotomy.
I hear it really helps the anal-retentive person like you?

I like watching Amihasser suffer, don't you?


Ray -- don't encourage him... When he gets a reaction out of you it's the high point of his day.

NM, it seems the problem has been resolved. :)

@ Amihasser: Hey, what happened to your Gästebuch "Dicker"?

PS: The last comment you left, I got all of your info and IP number. 84.165.238.#, you logged-in with Deutsche Telekom AG, have Microsoft Win2000 and Internet Explorer 6.0 with Mozilla 4.0. Your email address is:

[email protected]

You have a website at:


So I guess that means you are one of the New Age Nazis (NAN) in Rathenow in Brandenburg, eastern Germany? That's a pretty small group Amihasser. You are pretty f*cking stupid for someone trying to hide their identity. And I've read some extensive material about your little group. Anyway, I'll be passing this along to the German authorities. Happy spamming!

@ 267,

Don't worry, I just did that to provoke him to stay online to leave more comments. I've already erased it all. The reason I did it was to pinpoint his data, which I did. You can see the results in my previous comment.

Ray -- apologies. You were far ahead of me.

Was that Dicker or Michael Moore's comment?

"Former" communist Germany?


Are we sure it's former? Or will he be paying homage to Lenin's statue?

Explains a lot, that does.

Lost on the economic points and lost on the government/socialism points.

Don't work, never did, never will.

It's interesting that the former communist east is such a fertile ground for Neo-NAZI organizations. Maybe if they had jobs they would have less idle time for such activities.

Get the plank out of your own eye comes to mind.

"So I guess that means you are one of the New Age Nazis (NAN) in Rathenow in Brandenburg, eastern Germany? That's a pretty small group Amihasser. You are pretty f*cking stupid for someone trying to hide their identity. And I've read some extensive material about your little group. Anyway, I'll be passing this along to the German authorities. Happy spamming!"

Wow - simply because he got a different opinion, you go crazy.
How about cooling down? he wont hurt anyone...
How ridiculous...

Note from David: "Different opinion"? This guy makes Goebbels look weak in comparison... We delete the worst stuff of amihasser. It's beyond belief.

I do not think it odd that Nazis are on the rise in what was East Germany any more than I find it odd that fascism is at home in Russia. Both Marxism and fascism are totalitarian ideologies, and totalitarianism was the religion in both countries for decades. That Marxism's fantasies are based on class and Fascism's on race is insignificant compared to their joint opposition to putting the individual and family at the center of social thought. But since fascism has not been a disaster lately, not having anywhere to implement its fantasies, while Marxism has been one fiasco after another, the totalitarians now flock to fascism.


Well done Ray! Nazis raus! Maybe you should not only pass his identity to the BKA but also contact the ANTIFA Rathenow (Antifascist organisation).

Amihasser's been "outed". I'll bet he's one of those garter belt and lipstick SA types. You know, "The Damned". Keep this grotesque around for farts and giggles.

@David / Ray

"This guy makes Goebbels look weak in comparison... We delete the worst stuff of amihasser. It's beyond belief."

Well this must be really different from what i was able to read here - since no german will get punished for simply hating americans!

LOL The american hater is on a roll. It's a slow day.

amihasser you are dreaming if you think I am afraid of such a Dummkopf like you. You are a typical loser who tralks big from behind his keyboard. You and your ilk make me laugh. Keep talking I think you are in for a big suprise.

you mention playing a "video loop" of cowards exploding humvees that you play over and over at your bar.
Can you advise what bar you are referring to?
I'd like to stop by for a drink and meet you and your friends.
As an American- I will so brutally beat the hell out of all of you (with my own bare hands) and I will take your DVD player and force in into your throat, and then crush your face like the cowardly and backward auslander maggot you are. Then I will do the same to each of your friends. I will film it all so you can re-play it all in the club house you share with your mustached and jack-boot wearing mother. (you know the one, she cuts your head each time she shaves it for you with her state-issued razor)
You and your little prik friends are nothing but the scum that floats to the top of the diseased german pond.

Note from David: Pato, may I say that I very much like your comment. I hope amihasser will grasp the intended meaning... BTW, you can meet amihasser - who is called "Dicker" by his neonazi friends - in his hometown Rathenow in east Germany.

To bad american hater is just a skinny little frenchman with a big mouth.

@Amihasser: You sound so strong when you are making threats anonymously. I bet you are a real killer. I'm almost scared to death. Let's see if your mouth will be as big when we visit Don Promillo's next week. I hope you'll be there, coward?

I'm now in contact with the Antifa in Rathenow. They say that it is very interesting that Amihasser seems to speak a second language. Most of the Neonazis aren't even able to communicate in their mother tongue. They say that there are not too many "educated" Neonazis in town (although there are a few). They say that they already have an idea who could be behind the coward who calls himself "Amihasser". When they are sure about his identity, they will conduct an unspecified "antifascist operation" which will make Amihasser more careful about the things he says. I just hope for him that the police gets him first.

BTW I condemn violence against innocent people. I'm peaceful like a Muslim.

Amihasser, you are starting to sound nervous. Is that why you have deactivated your guestbook? We were still able to extract some interesting information from the cache. I didn't forget the threats you made against me in the german part of this blog. You will close your big mouth soon, I promise. Your blond hair won't save you.
BTW Shotokan Karate sucks. It's like ballet dancing. Only little girls do that. In a real fight it's almost useless compared to e.g. Wing Tsun and other, more combat-oriented martial arts. I know.

@ Amihasser:

Hey "Dicker" what happened to your little neo-Nazi, anti-American website??? Looks like it has been put out of commission permanently...awwww...what a shame...I wonder how that could have happened? Someone mean must have emailed Tripod and told them they were hosting a Nazi site. Remember how you always said you were going to take our site down SON? Who's the Luddscha now?

Update: Here's some highly appropriate music for you right now Amihasser...

Note: We found another pic of busted Amihasser... nice underpants...


Congratulations. You won!

But there are other countries, other providers, other servers. Just watch out.

For an even more furious and almost turning mad Amihasser Site.

Maybe your provider can host me now. He must be pretty much accustomed to Amihass in the meantime.

Seems to be a LIBERAL to me.

(last for today)

You should now be more careful where to attend or even organize a demonstration. The stuff about our dungeons was NO FUSS! Lots of people get lost nowadays in Germany.

Note from David: Sounds like a thinly veiled death threat. Just for the record: IP address of sender is More details. AH is member of a neonazi group in Rathenow, Brandenburg, Germany.

In your face, Amihasser! The whole world is laughing at you. You shouldn't mess with the wrong kind of people.
Nazis are only strong when they are fighting against asylum seekers, homeless and disabled people. They don't stand a chance against serious opponents. Remember the end of your idol: After ruining Germany he shot himself in the head. There is no future for you and your comrades.

@Ray and David:
Congratulations! Another Nazi-Site bites the dust. Well done!

@ Amihasser:

It's all good. I was just kidding with the Beavis and Butthead pics. Don't worry, I already found real pics of you and your buddies here, here and here. It seems that this website has been keeping really good tabs on you and your pals. So if you decide to join us at our next meeting, we will see you coming from a mile away my friend.

@Amihasser: How does it feel to get fucked? Are you enjoying it? It seems you can't get enough. Don't worry, the loss of your website was only the beginning.

@ Amihasser

I know. It sucks to be so stupid doesn't it? You are so dumb that you use your group's name and town in your email address and post a website that practically gives your identity away. And you want to stay anonymous. All I can say is it wouldn't take a CIA agent to track you down. But don't expect us to waste our time doing that. I'm sure the government of Brandenburg will take good care of you sooner or later if you keep doing what you do. So here's my advice to you: Get a life. Above all it is sad that you are wasting your life. It's not too late to do something good with your life and change its direction. Don't you want to be something more than a nobody common criminal your whole life?

@ Amihasser:

BTW: I invite you to visit me in the USA, but I don't think they will let you onboard the airplane with an axe. When you are here, you can meet my two redneck next-door neighbors Gun-shop Annie and this nice fellow.

so this little cowardly dick-less and muslim-stroking freak named amihauser/dicker hangs out in his hometown Rathenow in east Germany?
I think he is named "dicker" because all his fellow cowards hang him on the wall in their bar(face towards the wall) and use his ass as a sort of dart board with a soiled bullseye for their tension releases. Since we all know nazis don't get laid un-less they screw eachother, thus his name of dicker.
amihauser- within 14 days keep your eyes open for a blond haired and blue-eyed American/Irishman who is on his way to visit your little cave of 30,000 people.
I guarantee that I will find you, and our meeting will then be posted on the web.
You are finished man.

BTW hope you didn't accidentally delete the ever polite comments from Pato et al and sent them to the government of Brandenburg too. Otherwise we will do.

Note from David: Well, we don't know the identity of Pato and others. But we know yours...

The name "Kuhhirt" sure doesn't leave anything to the imagination of your ancestors occupation?
Here it would be Cowboy.

you little backward and cowardly auslanders now have an opportunity of a lifetime. I will arrive in brandenberg on the 19th of august. I can count the bars in Rathenow on one hand- thus I will find what I am looking for within one day of arriving.
Please notify your authorties if you feel you need protection during our meeting. My comments are indeed polite, as I am giving you my travel info as I have nothing to hide with regard to the conversation I will have with you.
I want the world to watch an American beat the living hell out of you and your friends. I'll then drag you through the dust of your town and drop you off on the steps of your local Polizi.


What is all this Neonazi/Rathenow shit about? As I told you long go: I'm living in Luxembourg and also have some housing in France and Germany. I NEVER EVER WAS IN RATHENOW.

I have to confess, that I posted in the meantime some 100 - 150 comments, where about one third may be considered insulting. As were the responses. I would seriously refuse to be the single one who is bullying around in this blog here.

Regarding my identity. Working as a programmer for several decades I am used to forge my TCP-headers on a regular basis. I do not even use a standard Browser but one of my own.

You unfortunately addressed the wrong people. I do not know how this could happen. I only can hope that they are not for revenge.

Note from David: I know that the initial amihasser - which is possibly you - was different from the amihasser(s) from Rathenau who commented in this blog in the last couple of months.

Regarding the initial amihasser's behavior, I must say this is nothing to be proud of. The initial amihasser used his programming skills as a means to block our right to free speech. If I have the opportunity to identify the initial amihasser, I'd do anything to bring him to court. In a way the inital amihasser's behavior was way more harmful than the comments of the Rathenow idiots.

@ Niko,

Exactly. I don't know who is worse, Amihasser and his moron Nazis or these Communist extremists who sympathize with Muslim homicide bombers. Germany would be better off without any of them.

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