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The United States recently quashed an arms deal between Israel and China. The Chinese wanted to buy Israeli Phalcon planes and drones, but Jerusalem had to cancel the deal under American pressure. So, the USA seem to be really worried about China's military potential.

The US isn't the only country worried about China's military potential.

Japan and China are eternal enemies. A friend of mine studied at the university in China and she says that the relationship between Chinese and Japanese is really bad. For example, many restaurants in China don't allow Japanese visitors. And I am sure this "love" is mutual.

It doesn't look like you've actually read the article.

Anyways, this topic has been in the editorial sections for quite some time now. Just yesterday, this was in our newspaper. Everybody (except WalMart) seems to be upset.

"Lord and master, hear me crying! -
Spirits that I've cited
My commands ignore." (JWG)

btw, there is no "european bull". check out greek mythology. the bull was zeus and the lady on top is who gave europe its name.

@ Alan:

Which article are you referring to? My post was on the cover.

>>That which is left out tells us just as much about DER SPIEGEL's vision of the future as that which is included.

Oh, I'll say.
They left out India.

Looks like a Korean dragon to me.

---"When you see a dragon track, count the number of toes. Chinese dragons have five toes, Korean dragons have four toes, and Japanese dragons have three toes."---


Which article are you referring to?

The cover story of course.

The prediction they make in the article refer to the year "2020, maybe 2040." I mean, come on, who can honestly say what's going to happen 35 years from now? To me this whole SPIEGEL story sounds like Schadenfreude, whereas here people are really upset especially about the artificially low exchange rate.

Anything is a welcome distraction to Germany's economic spiral downwards...

So true - when you don't have a hammer - nothing looks like a nail

Europe is awaiting China as their modern-day Prester John.

...and if you have hammer - everything looks like a nail

Diplomacy only works in difficult cases through either bribery or the "or else" option.

If mutual interests or bribery do not work there is no plan C.

Europe is a bit of a mess. The leadership of the various countries are all concentrating on internal negotiations about EU business, immigration, crime or weak economies. Also, there is no cohesion on foreign policy. I am not saying that their should be, but quite frankly, members of the EU seem to regularly undercut eachother on foreign policy.

Add to that the lackluster economic performance, poor future demographics, and Europe's inability to say what they are really for in a way that captures the imagination, the electorate's growing hostility to the EU, and it all adds up to an uninspiring story.

Just a couple of random thoughts.

From the CIA "World Factbook". USA plus Japan GDP about twice China. A little short...but who quibbles. Add in the EU, India, Canada and Aussieland, and you've got a rough multiplier of four. Without quibble.

Taking a look at what an economist would call an "exongeous variable" the uncertainty surrounding China derives from what I call an extremely large beta value. China has had large GDP increases as a result of "liberalisation". (Funny how increasing capitalist values is viewed as "liberalism" everywhere but in the States and Europe.) The large underlying uncertainty in China is whether or not Nationalism or Democracy will collide.

Throughout the Middle East and Asia the battle between nationalism and the rule of law is being fought. Having recently viewed "Lawrence of Arabia" I was caught musing about the rise of nationalism in Italy and the rise of nationalism in Arabia. In the West we are more willing to acknowledge the importance of legalisms versus statism. We have an expectation of legal treatment that can only be found in the West. Travel to Russia, the Former Soviet Union, or the CIS...whatever, and you'll find the timewarp flux of being neither hither or nither. One of my main theses has been that Russia has been held back in terms of their development eighty years or so due to socialism/communism. Arabia ranges from 800 years to thirty years. Now Asia finally has a fifth modern country in India. (Taiwan, Japan, Auckieland and South Korea; I don't think Malaysia counts.)

I don't think Europe really wants China to succeed as an international player. I think they're dissapointed with modern Russia. At twelve percent of America's GDP they're really a non-player. Yes, they have nukes. But the ability to deliver them is decreasing. China has nukes and their ability to deliver them is increasing. Perhaps some in Europa have a feeling that "the worst possible case scenario" would benefit Europeans. To continue with that kind of paranoid vision, perhaps Arabists would view the "worst possible case scenario" as benefitting them. But any rational view would see that the short-term effects of such an outcome would be devastating to any and all economic players in our now globally interconnected world. Emotional surfing may feel cool to the "player" but the adults know that the outcomes would be devastating to any and all. And I'd put up post-apocolyptic America against anything the World could offer.

Worries about China stem from China's belligerence in the face of our insistence on the value of human beings that are committed to living in our modern world. Does China need more and better nuclear delivery systems? (A rhetorical question.)

No. Neither does Israel, France or Russia.

Then why does Europe persist in granting greater access to defence technologies to China? (Again, rhetorical.)




Corrupt bastards inhabit many levels of our lives. And just because the Euros are so corrupt, they can't believe the Yanks aren't. Yeah, the prick down the street selling you a care doesn't car about your mom, or your sister or your Grandma's cancer. They'll stiff you twelve ways to Sunday for another hundred bucks. But when it comes to Government we in the States have been lucky. In the main, Republican or Democrat, we're honest. We just simply are. We speak plainly and honestly. If we're talking about our emotional take on an issue, we will repulse you with our maundering. If we're arguing rationally, we'll never hide behind simulation or commit to the slippery slope. Scratch a Yank and you'll find one or the other, the emotional or the logical. But never a liar. Wrong? Of course. You gotta be wrong from time to time to get it right. But not intentionally.

Okay...that's the rant. But whether you are a D or an R...or whatever else is out there...just keep doing what you're doing. Whether or not Europe, or China or anyone else feels like admitting it, you're the bomb. We lead, as Americans, because we're honest, committed to helping others and we're prepared. It's a hell of a party and anybody can join.

Hey folks! Check this out:


Sorry--that magazine cover couldn't help but remind me of this!

Ona more serious note, check out these posts from a blogger--an otherwise rather intelligent man-- who's just *salivating* for China (among other players, but China's his biggest bet)to "liberate" or "protect" the world from oh-so-evil America:



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