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if America is ever weakened and China becomes the sole superpower, the days of George W Bush will be viewed as the good old days

A very nice quote indeed. Unfortunately you are missing other pieces in the text that contribute to the deteriorating US image in the German mass media.

Reinhard (ibid.): "...now we even have a prototype World Citizenship Guide for Kids at a very early level to try and get turnkey curricula into the primary schools to sensitize American children to the world outside of the United States."

This quote shows very clearly the America-centristic world-view of young Americans and how necessary a change in mentality in the US itself is.

Note from David: An old complaint by our critics - they would have quoted other parts of an article or interview than the one we chose. I'm fully aware that Mr. Reinhard addresses a number of questions, and I don't happen to agree with him on some of his conclusions. Why should I quote extensively R's statements when I'm only interested in just one quote? I quoted the source, so everyone can check R's opinion in full, if he so desires.
Anyway, I'd have preferred to quote directly from the study R mentions - but he didn't provide any specifics as to where to find it.

On related news, a study in Iraq showed that the US invasion resulted in about 100 000 casualties...

Anyway, I decided to conduct a little "study" on my own. A quick Google-search for "China site:Spiegel.de" provided the following rather critical pieces on China. Somehow, I don´t have much confidence in R´s mysterious study. Not in the China part, at least...

31. März 2005
05. April 2005
16. Juni 2005
01. Juli 2005
30. Juli 2005


Which study?

Have a link?


I heard there was a study that showed the US liberation of Iraq has actually created 100,000 new Iraqi's

Yeah - I saw it in a study...

Yeah, Fuchur, good luck with that one. I saw a study that said "Chinese people like Germans." And then Schröder wants to start selling them weapons...

Schröder doesn't want to sell weapons to China, James.
He just fulfills the Chinese expectations regarding a German seat in the UN Security Council. Although he knew that abolishing the weapons export boycott with China was unrealistic and politically incorrect, he kept up his demand for the removal of the arms trade boycott. That's how he showed loyalty to the Chinese, although he knew his demand was in vain. It's sort of symbolic, or, virtual politics, if you will.

Today's SPON has at least 6 articles, all negative, relating to the US. Yet, no mention of the child murderess in Frankfurt A/Oder who killed 9 of her own new born infants over a 10 year period.

Yesterday, Die Welt had an article, that questioned whether this horrific act was a product of "Socialistische Verwahrlosung."

I think the German press feels more comfortable talking about other people's problems than talking about real problems at home. Where is the anger that there are 5 million unemployed and that there has been no real growth in the economy since Helmut Kohl was chancelor.


The (in)famous Lancet study!

My point was that we should be careful with studies (guess I should have made the sarcasm clear).

Germany and China have more in common than they would admit. Two of the three greatest mass murderers of the 20th century are now cooperating. Wonderful.

Two of the three greatest mass murderers of the 20th century are now cooperating

who is the 3rd one? I guess the usa then!

Note from David: Try again, my friend. (Hint: dictator's name starts with "Sta" and ends with "lin".)

Good luck!

Should we care about what the Germans say? Have they heard of voting with one's feet? As an American, a Chinese American, my rule of thumb is as long as there are more Chinese citizens immigrating to the US than US citizens emigrating to China, we are fine.

I did a study of places I can eat out at. I couldn't find any German food places in a 70 mile radius, I can eat in about 50 Chinese food places in that 70 mile radius. Going by my "study" I say no seat for Germany. (There are however 3 Japanese food places if you don't count just Sushi.)

@Joe -

Which study? Have a link?

That's the highly questionable study by The Lancet, a British medical journal. It's the only study to date that comes anywhere near 100k - and in fact its confidence interval is actually something like 8,000 to 190,000. The usual suspects are enamored with the "100,000" number though, and it's been cited extensively in the media. Google "Lancet Iraq casualties" or something similar.

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