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70,000 secret prisoners? Wow. How have they managed to keep this a secret so long? [eyes rolling]

Unsurprisingly, the German media have reported the "70,000 secret detainees", too:


("Rheinischer Merkur", article dated July 7 2005)

The poorly researched article takes the figure from NYU'S Tony Judt article in "The New York Review of Books" (http://www.nybooks.com/articles/18113)

who doesn't state a source, but apparently takes it from Amnesty Int., too.

Why bother researching the figures ? When it comes to American "torture camps" anything is taken for granted, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

Goebbels would be disappointed. That's only a biggish lie. Make it 70,000,000 and watch the cryptonazis in Austria and Germany foam.

This is right up there with the "United States kills thousands of muslims every day." the Jihadists put out for recruiting new members. That educated westerners buy into such bogus figures shouldn't be suprising. "There is a sucker born every minute." springs to mind. There is no way to hide the detention of 70,000 people by a open Republic like the USA, none.

What you people don't realize is that I'm holding 10,000 prisoners in my back yard. I have a gov't contract for the western seventh of the world. Which, by the way, I'm going to renew as soon as I remodel my 6x8 ft. prison. And you thought it was a lie.

I'm not going to tell you how I shrank them to the proper size, but I got the process from Austria. (It's a state secret.)

As an aside, have I explained my theory about how attending journalism school stunts the brain of otherwise normal people?

I heard about this estimate a few months ago on Bill o'Reilly's Show on Fox News. I can't remember if he referred to prisoners only in Iraq and Aghanistan or worldwide. To be honest it didn't even strike me as a false number. On the contrary, I thought: Great! They are catching a lot of bad guys. Keep it up!

I think I'm a little lost - when are we going to convert these prisoners into oil?

**trying to figure out why Bush would even bother to keep 70,000 prisoners secret for "political" reasons, since he can't run for office again**

Curious story! Weird....

Correction: I now see that Bill means that the Standard has "political reasons". Mea culpa. But it still doesn't explain why Bush would bother to keep 70,000 prisoners a secret. That would suggest that we're WINNING the war against terrorists. I would think he'd be proud to be able to claim 70,000 prisoners.

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