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Well, he was just a dumbass. That's all.

It asked who was 'important' and not who was the 'best'. Like him or not, Schröder made some important decisions: first German involvement in a war (Kosovo and then Afghanisan) after WW2, messing up the relation with America, introducing controversial reforms etc.

Can't think of anything really important Kiesinger did. But I'm sure people can help me out here.

Kiesinger is simly forgotten. Asked who was the worst chancellor, he again would be at the bottom.

kiesinger was a nazi

Damn I love that pic...and I'm just shy of 5' 6".

Maybe because of that?

1933 wurde er Mitglied der NSDAP. Ab 1940 war er unter Ribbentrop im Reichsaußenministerium tätig und stieg dort bis zum stellvertretenden Abteilungsleiter für Propaganda auf (unter anderem war er für die Verbindung zum Reichspropagandaministerium von Joseph Goebbels zuständig)

re cheaters, would you buy a used car from this sly one here?


Kiesinger was the chancellor of the only grand coalition (CDU/SPD) in the history of our current republic.
While most republical politicians tend to scream a lot around and are unable of doing anything important, Kiesinger did without much noise. The achievements of his government were remarkable.

And since in a democracy people only seem to notice blabbermouths... well you can see the results.

who cares what he did in the third Reich...
I remember Harald Schmidt saying one day:
"The Rhine must be a real Nazi - you know why? No you dont? He certainly is, since during 1933 and `45, he flowed through german territory!"

Kiesiger wasn't a nazi, that was just a smear campaign. If he had been a nazi, why did Willy Brandt (who was persecuted by the nazis) agree to be his vice-chancellor?

As already said: Kiesinger is simply forgotten. He was chancellor from 1966-1969, for just 3 years. Erhard (also chancellor for only 3 years) is not forgotten because of his long and succesful time as secretary for economy.

Kiesinger was a nazi.

If you can accept that morally, then all you have to do is say:
"I dont care if people were Nazis or as long as they make good politics."

End of discussion. He was a nazi and you dont care. No further need to defend yourself or Kiesinger. You made your point and it´s perfectly clear.

@ steven

I dont care if people were Nazis or as long as they make good politics.

I dont even care at which time the Rhine flowed to germany - am I evil now? ;)

@ Rob
You´ll most likely also tell me that Filbinger was an innocent communist who spent the war times in a KZ? Because that is as likely that K G Kiesinger was not a nazi or. Next you´ll tell us Waldheim got press-ganged into the Reiter-Waffen-SS.

Face it, They were knee-deep in the brown shit. Their indifference and their denial eventually removed them from politics, as details started to seep out.

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