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Can you customize it to require age and country for people to post?

It would help to understand what level of experience people have

I agree
let's start with the first visitor - let me guess:
grade school?

Registration was quick and simple.

Apparently mister crapflooder doesn't understand he can and is tracked via IP address. I suggest he google about it. It is hard to use the internet when you can't get an ISP who will have you.

@amihasser: Wo bleibt übrigens die amerikanische Freundin? Sie hatte - zumindest vorübergehend -- eine positive Wirkung gehabt.
@Anon: Vielen herzlichen Dank für die nette Glückwünsche. Schönen Tag noch. ;-) Ja, ich bete auch für Dich....

It's a good system I have been registered for some time.

Oh no, I'm signed in as Mike H. I wanted to sign as Joe N. doggone it.

BTW, you can have email addresses shared with the site as a requirement for commenting.

Great new typepad feature in deed, helps a big deal to keep the comment sections clean.

I am working on a logo, a mark of quality for blogs with moderated comment sections now, indicating them as free of spam and trolls. Suggestions welcome, just send me an email. Just another campaign of the blogosphere...(?)

I agree, typekey is a good system. Many of my other favorite blogs seem to use it and it does improve the quality of the comments IMO.

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