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Well put, fellow American.

Thanks for your comments Pensive Elf. This is what I love about blogs, the record is set straight. Voices are heard that the MSM German or other have silenced in the past by ignoring them. Now there is a forum for those who are being unfairly characterized to let their position and feelings be known!

FYI: our Surgeon General was a Hispanic (Cuban) youth gang banger, our Secretary of Commerce was a truck driver for Kellog in Mexico, quite "a downtrodden minority".

I'm not "white" either, in my life I have never had a problem with my ethnicity in America, not one. I've had uncomfortable stares in Germany for whatever reason, but perhaps it's not taught that staring is rude there.

Excellent comment, pensive elf. On another blog -- I can't remember which, maybe Glenn Reynolds, there was a proposal for an "End of Racism Act." That's it. No more using race for any thing, any time. No race-based decisions or differentiation of any kind. No differences in insurance, mortgage rates, college admissions, you name it. No use of race on forms, for data collection, statistics, whatever. Essentially, an official act to say that in the USA, race is not and cannot be an issue, for anything.
Maybe utopian, but I kind of like the idea. The US is, IMHO, closer than ever before to realising MLK's "dream." Your post was wind in the sails of those who believe in the good in America, and the chances that everyone has, regardless of "origin." So everyone... and I do mean everyone...should just get on with the business of making America the best we can. And unless we have a crystal-clear law, we will argue on for years in the courts about what is allowable affirmative action and what is reverse discrimination... or what is allowable collection of racial data and what is system-influenced racism, etc. And we all know what happens when things end up in the courts: Unfortunately, Moonbat interpretations of non-existant law that the judges believe should have been written cannot be ruled out. ;-)

and guess who in Germany wants to know this?

Clearly not you, oh nameless one. But it addresses the larger issue of how ethnic minorities are perceived by an MSM-influenced audience, in particular in Germany. Is that so difficult?

yeah the germans can teach us SO MUCH about tolerance..
KINDER STATT INDER.. man the fuehrer would be proud
they are just so VORBILDLICH..
social justice

You guys are pathetic. It's all about you isn't it? Does anyone else get noticed around here? Nooo, I'm a card carrying member of the Honkey Consortium, can I get anyone to dump on me? No, it has to be some minority that takes the limelight. No snark here, move on please, lets go find someone interesting. WE'LL I'VE HAD IT! I'M MOVING TO BORNEO. TRY TO IGNORE ME THERE, IT WON'T BE SUCH AN EASY JOB THEN! NOBODY MAKES FUN OF MY FRECKLES EVEN! THIS IS SICK!

Have a good day.


I posted this response because of a remark that was made about Hispanics and Blacks living in trailer parks and collecting food stamps in Miami. Clearly there are Hispanics and Blacks living in trailer parks and collecting foodstamps in Miami. I'm not going to lie and deny that.

My beef is with the perceived bias in the leftist media...and this *includes* the Der Speigel article that chose to use an African American inmate serving a life sentence in a southern State, namely Louisiana. And if the unspoken implication doesn't hit you, then you need to learn a little bit more about our racial history.

My point is that very few people understand the issues of racism in this country. I am not denying that it is there. But I want to set the record straight that not every one with Brown skin and Black skin is downtrodden and living in poverty; in fact the majority live a comfortable lifestyle thanks to their hard work and determination.

And that those people try to also continuously address the problems in the ghetto and the barrio that living in a poverty mentality entails.

Maybe nobody in Germany cares about it, because it's easier to accept the stereotype that Blacks and Hispanics have it bad in the good old US of A, while Whites are the "master race", eh?

I think the need for relativist history and a moral equivalency, a dumbing down of ideas, by a large slice of the German populace and mainstream medias is obvious.

Thus the German people were also "liberated" from the Nazi threat by the allies victory in WWII. America's treatment of the Indians mitigates the German Holocaust, America's military superiority is proof of their "ill will" and desire to "dominate the world," America's superb economic numbers and low unemployment are denigrated as "Cowboy capitalism!" The American led coalition's liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq are reduced to "war for oil," and President Bush is, of course, "stupid." (as opposed to those intellectual giants and paragons of legal probity, Mssrs Schroeder or Chirac?)

American's aren't going to be allowed to be seen as succeeding or doing good in this world by the German media because all too large a slice of the German populace and media thrive on that same victimized, ghetto mentality of always blaming others for ones own foibles, failures and faults, and they sell magazines by feeding that envy.

And even if, by chance, some good comes out of something America does, STERN and DER SPEIGEL knows and shows that it was an accident because America only acts out of it's bad intentions.

I guess if I had the Fatherland's rich and colorful history of continental exploitation and racial genocide, I might prefer to focus elsewhere as well.


Who empties the garbage cans, collects aluminum bottles, does the laundry in the hotel and pays with food stamps in the *cheapy* supermarket. Oh yes, I have to clean my glasses, it is the white upperclass male in his a black pin striped suit.

"Who empties the garbage cans, collects aluminum bottles, does the laundry in the hotel and pays with food stamps in the *cheapy* supermarket. Oh yes, I have to clean my glasses, it is the white upperclass male in his a black pin striped suit."

Now, that, my friend, is the most ridiculous statement I have seen today, and it is so typical of the liberal leftist mindset that conveniently ignores the facts of life in favor of stereotyping minorities.

The fact of the matter is that there are White folks who also do those things. I was married to a White man of German ancestry. We did, in our time collect food stamps and receive Aid to Dependent Children and basically had to live on welfare to make ends meet before we were able to support ourselves. As far as the aluminum cans, everybody recylces. You're seeing a picture of a homeless man with dark skin carrying around a shopping cart full of aluminum cans aren't you?

Well, guess what? Nowadays, the homeless are apt to be White as well...poverty is not limited to color in this country. Stop trying to pretend that it is.

As an Ami in Germany, and being of Native American blood, I have dark skin, black hair. This appearance has lead to many stares on the trains as I travel in my work. I have even been told to go back to my own "fucking country" ( the madman's own words)and stop taking jobs from Germany who need the work.

I have watched Africans being hassled on the train and train stations only because of their skin color. The police are very rude when demanding their "Ausweis". While the white skinned people are not even asked for their identification. Racism is alive and well in Germany.

I have often seen homeless sleeping in the S-Bahn stations in Düsseldorf, sometimes their are up to six lying next to each other. There are also a lot of panhandlers of all skin colors everywhere.

I would suggest that anonynous take a closer look at home before pointing the finger elsewhere.

Anonymous weasel: "Who empties the garbage cans, collects aluminum bottles, does the laundry in the hotel and pays with food stamps in the *cheapy* supermarket. Oh yes, I have to clean my glasses, it is the white upperclass male in his a black pin striped suit."

Of course "upperclass" white males don't do those things. Neither do "upperclass" black males, or "upperclass" hispanic females. But poor white males, along with the other poor, do these things every day.

The only conclusion I can draw about your motivation for sharing this blindingly obvious statement is that you actually believe that in the US only whites are affluent and only racial minorities are poor.

This degree of ignorance isn't something one should advertise.

we did not even talk about the 1% of the population who is imprisoned: they are all upperclass whites too, I suppose.

@Pensive Elf

I see, all this CEOs in the hightech und finance industry (wasn't that the place where all the this money was made during the 90s?) were colored people. Maybe you should leave yout tinted glass limousine.

BART (S-Bahn) San Francisco-Berkeley im Februar:

Schwarzer I (Mitte 40, auf Drogen): I been on the system for twenty-four years. How long have you been there.

Schwarzer II (um 50, nüchtern): I keep to the law.

Schwarzer I: They'd like to send us back to the plantation.

Schwarzer III (ca. 20, Rucksack mit Lehrbüchern): Plantations like Harvard and the football teams.

Selbsterlebtes ohne Anspruch, repräsentativ zu sein. Dennoch nährt es Zweifel daran, wie weit verbreitet die Einstellungen sind, die Schwarze und Latinos unseren Medien zufolge haben.

I am white(very white in fact) and not dark haired, but unfortunately I am the "wrong" type of white. More precisely, the Eastern-European type of white. Nobody stared at me on the street in Germany, but when I opened my mouth... well, different story... Enough to say that acceptance obviously doesn't always expand to Eastern-European countries. Apparently if there aren't enough dark skinned people around to discriminate against, white people from other countries would serve the purpose just as well. A well educated friend of mine (very dark skin/hair and unlike me, quite a gentleman) who was in Vienna had a very illuminating experience: the lady he was talking to literally turned her back and walked away the very moment she found out he was Romanian.

Do I need to add that I (or my "dark" friend) have never experienced anything similar in our new home, the USA ?


glad you have had good experiences in my Heimat, the USA..
that is the only good quality I hear about Americans from Europeans.. that they are hospitable.. (but Oh so superficial, there is always the but).
I am an American who lives in Germany. I get livid when I hear people here trashing East Europe.

I have a great heart for Eastern EUropeans.. I hope their economies boom and leave Western Europe (I.e. the axis of weasels) in the dust..

WhatDOIknow, I wish you a long happy life in the USA!!!
Welcome to America!!

Anonymous weasel: "Who empties the garbage cans, collects aluminum bottles, does the laundry in the hotel and pays with food stamps in the *cheapy* supermarket. Oh yes, I have to clean my glasses, it is the white upperclass male in his a black pin striped suit."

yeah, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey..
they made their multi millions in this way..

Of course there is racism in American society.
I always tell Germans... every society has its disgraces, what is important is how they are dealt with. America took a long time before
it dealt with its racial issue.. way too long.. and we are not where we should be yet..

But I remember last January.. Barock Obama (Senator from Illinois - a Senator is a very powerful man) questioning Condi Rice during Senate confirmation hearings.. This took place the same week as a national holiday, Martin Luther King's birthday..
Has there been progress made? YES.. ALOT OF PROGRESS..
and I am proud of it.

BTW.. I told Germans about MLK's birthday being a national holiday..
I got the impression they did not believe me or better yet, did not WANT to believe me..

I'm a 'white' guy who grew up working several jobs, one of the first was picking up 'garbage'. Go figure that I worked with a black man.

We both worked hard. He had his problems and I had mine, but we got by and worked together. There was never any disrepect at anytime based on race.

This was not and is not unusual all around our country. Its a large country with many views but you'll typically find people at work get along because - gee, they're working for something in their lives. All they expect is people to pull their load.

Now, is racism in America's past? Are there still some problems? Or course, but not so much as the media likes to portray. From what I've seen, racism is in every country that I've traveled to as well. In fact, its more pronounced any many other countries I've been to like Russia for example and France.

Are there still some real dummies, oh yes, but its on both sides. I've seen it work both ways.

Here though is the real truth. Most immigrants who come to America are hardworking, looking to move ahead and give their children the stability they never had in other countries. This is the same for all people born here, black, white, hispanic. You know, I remember thinking how much I could not wait to stop picking up garbage or mowing lawns one day. I told myself I'd never do that all my life. After working 60, 70-80 weeks sometimes in an office on a computer now I relish those days of fresh air, sun and leaving exactly ontime to go have a cold fresh brew.

The odd thing is, when I grew up, everyone around me expected hard work, no slacking off, get the job done and do it right the first time. I don't remember it ever being a 'government' thing, a 'union' thing, but just a 'proud to be working' thing. An opportunity to buy your first car thing, or get married thing. No one complained because everyone realized they had goals and wanted to do something in life.

Our country and culture has been through some tough times no doubt just like any other country, but I'm really liking the message more and more as I mature and grow older. The last thing I want is my government coming in and taking care of me. It produces laziness and just downright bad work most of the time because people are to afraid to push those workers which are not 'pulling' their load.

You come here, work hard, study, work smart and you can reach the top easier and faster than anywhere else in the world on a level playing field without paying off some crony or knowing the right government official.

I've seen it happen over and over again and its happening to blacks, hispanics, asians, whites and the distribution of income is stretching out in all directions here.

We have black tv, hispanic tv, international tv, asian tv, arabic tv, childrens, mother and fathers, religous, secular, business and music, drama and comedy and all of it with all kinds of people from all places in the globe. European, African, South American, Central America, Canada, Russian, Chinese, Japanes, Asian, Indian, Arab and Jew, this country is a melting pot with delicious foods from the 4 corners of the world, the most languages spoken in any one country, the most languages written in any country, the most people given refuge than any other country, the most people fought for, died for and saved by one country, whose armed forces are made up of all people from around the world who are proud to put on an American uniform and believe in the dreams that are made here to come true.

I've seen it to many times, in my neighborhood, from the local person working hard everyday at the 7/11 store so their child can go to college, the person who suffered oppression, hatred and sometimes lost family, yet they made it here and are working hard and it doesn't matter where they are from or what color. This is their new beginning in life. They see the 'opportunity' all around them and wonder how people can possibly complain at all in comparison to the hell hole they left behind.

No, its not Utopia... and yes there are problems just like other countries, but they are small in comparison to the stereotypes of Americans usually imposed on us by the cultural elite of Europe.

The truth is an immigrant of any colour in America will get a job faster and move up in his community faster here than anywhere in the world if they apply themselves. They are not treated like second class citizens despite what some people in Europe might say or what the latest cliche piece in uppity newspapers might opine on and on about to gorge themselves on self-righteous attitudes.

This country is made for the person who works hard to get ahead in life, who is honest, and does not give up. Perseverance is the key.

For the person with the right attitude, an open mind, a strong heart, it can be everything and much more to celebrate life in all its rich diversity and culture from around the world.

Thanks, amiexpat!

Michael: The truth is an immigrant of any colour in America will get a job faster and move up in his community faster here than anywhere in the world if they apply themselves. They are not treated like second class citizens despite what some people in Europe might say or what the latest cliche piece in uppity newspapers might opine on and on about to gorge themselves on self-righteous attitudes.

This is 100% true! I know it to be true from so many Romanians who live in the US. I can't say the same thing about the ones who live in EU.

are you Romanian? the woman who so lovingly cared for my grandma during her last years was from Romania but of Hungarian extraction.
I guess there is a large Hungarian minority there.
She is one of the many reasons I have a soft spot in my heart for Eastern Europeans.
I want to go to Romania and Bulgaria.. two of the few countries in Europe I have not been to. Any recommendations?
Tip for you.. I have heard Romanian is close to Italian/Spanish..
you might want to consider learning Spanish. in the US it is a good skill to have. I am trying to learn Spanish myself for the same reason.


Yeah, I'm from Romania, of German extraction. There was a large German community in Romania who managed to maintain its German heritage(unlike Russia's Germans who were basically almost 100% forcefully "integrated"). The Germans from Romania moved to Germany and the large Hungarian minority is still there.

I've never been to Bulgaria, but I heard the Black Sea coast is real nice. I've seen less than half of Romania, but I know plenty of places worth seeing... sometime... In fact, right now I'm in Romania, trying to make up for the lost time :-) I don't want to hijack the post, so if you have more questions we can continue off-line.

The reason why I am to lazy to learn Spanish is that its resemblance to Romanian is just enough to get by ;-)

@WhatDo I know..
now you have my email address..
thanks!! would be thankful for any info you have

Many native born Americans parents did not think of clean running water, heat and food as a right. Those were things that able bodied people worked for. Much different world today. Better? No.

great comments so far.
cultural diveristy is another reason to love america.
i am however worried, that thanks to bushs appeasement towards illegal immigration america will change profoundly in the years to come. america will soon be a hispanic-majority country.
whats your take on this matter?

@ no name coward
Just some enlightenment. Garbage collectors are paid extremely well and they are certainly not sneered at by the "snobbish elite"....... "snobbish elite"? do they exist in in America?
In the US, many blue collar employees make a lot more money than their white collar friends.

On the general topic of American attitudes toward work, all the American's I know respect any man that makes an honest living.

To nimrod,

In defense of the Hispanic American community, I have found most to be hard working, good-natured, capitalist, and they are certainly not prone to jihad that we know of.

I am concerned about the lack of border security and believe legal immigration should be halted until we stop illegal immigration. All illegals that get caught in our legal system should be prosecuted, serve their time, and then returned to the country of closest passage.

Illegals of all nationalities are putting our national security in jeopardy and abusing our social services system. People in this country illegally should not be provided public services or enjoy special tax breaks.

Tom Penn is right. Most people in America can distinguish between keeping illegals out and discriminating against Latinos. There is no reason why Latinos cannot be as successful in the US as the Italians, Irish, etc. have been. By and large, they are hardworking, family-oriented, and ambitious. They are Christian, so they fit culturally with the US in that regard. They should have no trouble assimilating as long as the state governments do not pander to separatist groups like MeCha and La Raza. There should be no ESL in public schools and no public benefits for illegals.

I agree, Tom... the Hispanics I know (mostly Cubans here in Florida) are decent, hard-working, God fearing people. The Cubans also tend to be Republicans, BTW, given that Castro has taught them to dispise anything that has the slightest whiff of socialism to it ;). The reason Miami-Dade kept calling off the recounts in 2000 (if you'll recall, they arbitrarily stopped their recounts twice and had to be forced to continue the second time) was that they would get down to the Cuban precincts and knew that if anyone would pick up votes there, it would be Bush.

Good, hard-working immigrants are welcome. It's the illegals we have to boot out of the country, and seal the border.

Michael:"You come here, work hard, study, work smart and you can reach the top easier and faster than anywhere else in the world on a level playing field without paying off some crony or knowing the right government official."

not short ago, I read an article about a study that prove the contrary: in the USA, the possibility to reach the social upperclass when you are child of a poor family with low education is much lower than in i.e. Germany or the scandinavian countries (which where I think at the top of the statistic). So at least I may have my doubts on your statement.

I myself am also member of the German minorty of Romania and live in germany since Im 4 years old and never experienced negative prejudices or bad treatment because of my origine, but I have to mention that I lived in a region where the so called Siebenbürger where in some towns the majority and integrated very good.

reading this blog I have the impression that the german anti-americanism is answered by a kind of germany-bashing, which is not much better as it also strengthens many prejudices against germany.


I have to disagree with you. I am an American who lives in Germany.
Social mobility in America is quite strong.
My grandfather arrived from Germany in America.. built a decent life for himself, starting with very little.
He owned his own home with a large portion of land and owned a modest but nice vacation home when he died. American dream? he lived it..
does that mean it is always so for everyone? of course not, but I have seen it in reality.
and no, he did not have a formal education either.

ANother example is his son.. started his own business as an architect, started with nothing. The man is a rich man today. Owns a HUGE home and a LARGE luxurious vacation home. Has traveled around the world.
He also had no formal education, although I do believe he had to get certified as an architect, but he did it without a college education.

I have numerous other examples as well. Is social mobility guaranteed?
no, you very often have to bust your ass (work very hard) for it.
and people sometimes don't make it.. not necesarily because they don't deserve it, but because of bad luck, etc..

Of course there is nothing such as bad luck in Germany, is there?
here social justice reigns supreme
/sarcasm off

hey niko,
not just all wasp but all wasp men!
man what a sexist society as well as racist!
man with Condi Rice both groups - minorities and women - are ignored!
but she is just a token...
probably the most powerful token on the planet

I am just glad I live in the land of social justice, Germany

Maybe Oprah Winfrey (one of the richest women in the US) could host a special on this. Bill Cosby (one of the richest entertainers there is)
could be a special guest star. I am sure
they would reach some interesting conclusions

Nobody ever claimed that there is absolutely no prejudice in the US. The perfect society hasn't arrived yet. Having said that, the Germans who are so quick to criticize the US should restrain themselves somewhat, at least until they have just as many minorities in high positions in politics, social life and entertainment.
In this imperfect world, the USA have always been a model in integrating minorities and offering them opportunities not seen in any other country on this planet.

@Niko...I guess you and I were looking at a different page. I went to the link you referred me to and this is what I found:

Cabinet Positions:

1. Secretary of Education: Margaret Spelling (White, female)

2.Secretary of Commerce: Carlos Gutierrez (Hispanic, male)

3. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development: Alphonso Jackson (African-American, male)

4. Secretary of the Interior: Gale Norton (White, female)

5.Department of Justice: Attorney General: Al Gonzales (Hispanic, male)

6. Secretary of Labor: Elaine Chao (Asian-America,

7. Secretary of State: Condolezza Rice (African-Amerian, female)

So out of the 20 Cabinet posts listed, 13 are White males, 2 are White females, 1 is Asian American females, 1 is African American females, 2 Hispanic Males, and 1 African American male.

That makes 4 females, (2 White, 2 Minority) and 3 males (2 Hispanic, 1 African-American)

So just how does that translate into an all WASP male cabinet again? Or were you under the impression that the Secretary under their pictures meant that these people were clerical secretaries?

It's either that, or you don't consider that these people count as "real people" but are just there as window dressing...another favorite trait of the left. They regard anybody as window dressing that they didn't put there themselves.

Even Bill Clinton didn't have that diverse a Cabinet.


youre examples of some members of a minority having realized your glorified american dream are simply not representative. as I said, I only read of just one single investigation (I cant recall the correct word for "statistische Erhebung") that prove the fact that social mobility in the USA is not as strong as it is said to be in comparison to other countries, that's why I said I just doubt on the image of america as the land of the unlimited opportunities or at least I doubt if the possibility to reach richdom as a poor person is as high as it is said to be, but at least it is more representative than the statements of people who have "made it" and so will normally know more rich people than poor people who can tell the opposite.

And to give you another example, wich is as representative as yours: most of the people of siebenbürgen (read more in my first post) I know and most of the members of my family, who all came from siebenbürgen to germany have a good job, an own house and a good education above the average, but I dont claim it to be the prove for a "german dream" or something ot to be represantive for the situation of minorities in germany. and I didn't say that everything in germany concerning social justice and mobility is better in germany, because that would be kind of ignorangt, but what you seem to do is glorifying america while bashing germany, the international centre of anti-americans which is also a not very rational comparison.

to make sure my first paragraph gives the right impression of what i want to say: I know that its only one investigation and to be sure it's statement is right one have to know more than one, and thats why I only have doubts on the strength of social mobility in america and dont claim that the investigation must be right.

yes that is my point.. it is one study.. and yes, my evidence was anecdotal.
But I have plenty of anecdotal evidence.
Also I remember seeing a Stern magazine cover awhile back that said
'The myth of social mobility in Germany'.
social justice? HA!


Let's not forget something. A Romania-German who immigrated to Germany got German citizenship in about one month(!), he got a generous amount of "Eingliederungsgeld", he usually had close relatives in Germany and he knew the German language. I know that most of them are financially quite successful, but how many of them are in a high position in the German society today, be it politics, arts etc? (Ooops, I forgot Peter Maffay) Now just look at the list that Pensive Elf posted. Do you notice a tiny difference?
I don't care a bit about bashing the German society, but Germany still has a looong way to go until it reaches the level of openness found in the USA. This is not an opinion, it is a fact.

@Pensive Elf:

Thanks for this comment. It is absolutely in keeping whith my personal experiences: Being caucasian, I have just spent a year living in Harlem, Manhattan. My two roommates were both black and hispanic girls in their 30s. They had both been to Columbia University, a prestigious "Ivy League" college and are having very successful careers in the corporate world. As were many of the African-American and Hispanic resindents of my building and the blocks around it. Which used to be so much of a common thing that no one would ever mention it, even in my circle of "white" American friends.

My German friends, however, used to think I was engaged in some sort of charity thing, living in Harlem. The idea of the neighbourhood still being a "ghetto" is apperently too deeply entrenched and excessively supported by the German media ("amerikanische Verhältnisse", "American living-conditions").

By the way, I am still enormously impressed by Columbia's and other top-colleges' affirmative action attempts. I seriously doubt that, had my roommates grown up, say, as Turkish living in Berlin, they had been able to pursue a life as successful as that.

toby, great to see the american melting pot is still working.
at least i hope it is. up to a million immigrants from mexico enter the us every year. do you believe this poses a threat to the american culture and way of life? having read sam huntingtons "who are we", i am in favor of strciter immigration laws and mass immigration from one country (mexico in this case) because the incentives to learn english are limited. every major corporate website in america now offers a spanish version...i dont think that is the right way to go. what say you?


you certainly have a point there. the wave of hispanic immigrants certainly poses a major challenge to the dominant anglo-european culture, e.g., in Harlem, some primary schools (I definetely know of 3)have started offering Spanish as a first language in important subjects such as maths, because students may not understand it in English. so, yes, the american identity is severely challenges, not only in New York, and many of my friends silently admit xenophobia to some degree. and yes, i think better regulation (if only it were possible) of mass influx of non-english speaking people would certainly help the integration process. even though I think Huntington is going to far, i agree that in times of cheap telephone connections, budget airlines and spanish tv, integration is not to be taken for granted any more and imho that is definietly not good.

having said all that, however, my actual point was, that unlike many german media reports try to make their audinces believe, race is not much of a major issue anymore. poverty is, lack of education as well (that's where your immigrants fit in my point), but a lot is being done about that and coming back to the media, i definitely miss the aspect of the well integrated upper-middle "minority" class in the european media. how many senior partners in law firms/ consultantancy's/ investment banks of turkish/ arab background do you know in frankfurt, berlin or munich ? i, personally, know at least of two dozens in NYC.

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