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Martin - Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy with an Italian rifle from the 6th floor of the shool book depository on Nov 22, 1963

If you think otherwise - read Case Closed by Gerald Posner

This is the book that the ABC special was based upon

JFK conspiracies are now part of the tinfoil hat culture that thinks we didn't land on the moon either

Stones JFK was the highwater mark

scary story - when JFK came out I had a friend who is not terribly well read say to me "wow, I never knew all that stuff about the assasination"


ON a more general note: Hey guys, I really don't understand why you keep on whining about the evil liberal mass media conspiracy that is going on in America. I've always thought whining was a speciality of Germans. You, as american conservatives, should be singing, dancing in the street, and happier than ever:
You got a political situation which is ever more shifting towards he right and the most conservative in decades,
You got a president who is the dream of every conservative,
you got a congress majority in both houses,
you'll have a deeply conservative supreme court in a couple of weeks
you got Fox news, talk radio, blogs
you got rid of Hussein more quickly than every liberal would've expected and the plan to draw the terrorists to Iraq and destroy them there on a silver plate is working out perfectly (well, at least the first part...)

Now would you PLEASE leave a tiny corner for liberals? It seems to me that you're in some kind of "Kulturkampf" and a small minority, surrounded by liberal monsters. Cheer up! ;-)

The description of the Stone movie sounds tame enough... but after Alexander, I think the greater danger is that it will just plain suck, rather than be a paranoid diatribe.

I watched that FOX News debate between Burlingame and the IFC dude... she came across as angry and irrational, and he was simply swarmy. I'd like to believe that Take Back the Memorial is all about preserving the "sanctity" of the site, but I think a lot of their response is a reflex reaction to the fact that a few of the IFC supporters (the ACLU, Soros, et al.) are of a different political persuasion than they are. Look, there'll be a seperate 9/11 memorial and museum. If you want to see the IFC, it's there; if not, no one's forcing your hand. Besides, if it's half as good as the Checkpoint Charlie Museum (which I went to again this past weekend, though now sadly sans crosses), it'll be a worthwhile institution.

@Raphael: Thanks for your contribution, I totally agree. While it was good to see German anti-americanism and anti-semitism attacked, it's rather annoying to see followers of the US government getting paranoid.

@poquemahone: I read the book. As convincing as other material which says the contrary. Do you feel able to have the definitive correct answer to the riddle? Congratulations.

PS: IMHO, the JFK conspiracy theory cannot be compared with Apollo or 9/11 babble. But you seem to be better informed than me.

Martin - the JFK conspiracy is indeed as loony as the others you cite

Its been over 40 years now - and NOBODY involved in this grand scheme has ever come forward and confessed

No Mafia, no CIA, no Cubans, no Russians, no KKK


Posners book is indeed well titled - it is Case Closed on the JFK conspiracy

Back on topic - here's another Hollywood project we need to be aware of


@Walter: "Now i understand why you can not seperate irony from reality."

I didn't recognize YOUR irony because you don't do it very well ;).

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