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@ Cousin Dave

Maybe your kind will win in the end and no reforms will take place. If we are not welcome, why not leave the UN ? - and let someone else pay the bills.

the "Junge Freiheit" is more or less a Nazi paper , that doesn't count.

I bet you never read an issue of Junge Freiheit.

Get an issue of Junge Freiheit and an issue of Deutsche Stimme and you might find out the difference between a right wing conservative political magazine and a Nazi paper.

Junge Freiheit is not anywhere near the Nationalsocialist ideology. I don't think somebody like the former Generalbundesanwalt and FDP member Alexander von Stahl would advertise a Nazi publication:


The list of people , who gave interviews to Junge Freiheit since 1998 speaks for themselve:



my comment was an answer to a stupid post. market protection is not a solution in my view i support competitionn and capitalism.

The car industry is a good example

1. If you want quality cars to a low price you buy japanese cars.

2. If you want well designed good looking cars that create a certain image and are innovative you buy german cars or a little bit more exotic italian ones. That is also the reason why VW has problems at the moment. They have to decide to create cheaper cars or to change completly into the high middle class price market.

3. The problem of GM and in some ways also Ford is there is no real reason to buy their products (to make it very general).
When was the last year GM earned money with the car production. It is a bank and insurence company with a expensive hobby to produce cars.

My wife drives a VOlVo. In my view they archived to change the image from boring solid into only solid. perhabs Ford should let Volvo design and construct all new models.

@ Frank

Well my both posts were answers to stupid posts as well.

The US is at war. There are people dying in Iraq. There are other people busy trying to kill American citizens.

You seem to think that enhancing your image with a status car is more important than that. I pity you.

Adam Smith said "Defense is more important than opulence."



If your answer to diferrent oppinions and a different foreign policy is protectionism in th eeconomy as the other guy said i wish good luck to your economy.

Just think a little bit about that.

So protectionism would solve your problems in the middle east?

People are getting killed in iraq most of them iraqis.
If you look who the london bombers are and what special event and policy made them to terrorists i belive this war will be a very long war. The Iraq war is a huge PR campaign for islamists and Al Qaida.

So good luck at your "war" and call me when you belive this "war" against terror is over.
Terror is not a army it is a way of fighting and the real problem is the ideology and Bush is the maketing chief for these extremist islamic idiots at the moment.


You're just a nihilist, plain and simple.

Of course, you would know what to do, where to do, and how do it. Can you give me some tips in the stock market?


"You're just a nihilist, plain and simple."

You seem to be neglecting cause and effect. Its this simple, and you dont get it.


I am not a nihilist but the iraq war is not my problem. I am not at war and my country is not at war.
I belive that there is no 100% protection against terrorism and i do belive that the present US and in some ways UK foreign policy helps these more than just crazy idiots that use religion for their hate and weired world picture.

oh you could earn a lot of money with GM in the last weeks but i would not see it as a longterm investment.

But perhabs you prefer the prediction of a big cut at GM then you can still earn a lot of money.

But i would prefer Ford in this scenario with a even bigger financial part. Ford would really be a good company with a good profit without a carproduction.

@ Frank

I have no clue who the "other guy" is.

1) Just as the war against Islamic terror is not your problem, the problem that Zyme brought up is not my problem. Whether or not Germany loses exports in the Middle East bothers me not a whit.

2) The period of fastest economic growth in US history was the period between 1860 and 1914, a period of very high US tariff barriers.

3) Undoubtedly you are correct that the current war against Islamic terror will take a long time. So did the war against German imperialism (1914-1945.) We and our allies won. So did the Cold War(1946-1991.) We won. So did the war against piracy. Civilization won, but only after millennia. Winning frequently takes a long while, but is decidedly superior to losing.

4) Does it sound as though I am paying attention to differences in opinion and foreign policy? You bet it does. They should have consequences.

5) Do I think it is stupid for Germans to insult their biggest customer, namely the US? Yes, I think it is a stupid way to conduct business. I suppose I am missing some European nuance, some aspect of Kultur.

6) I view Germany not as an ally, not even a friendly neutral. Germany today is an unfriendly neutral, about on a par with Syria. Is it the sovereign right of the German people to wallow in anti-Americanism? It is. Is it a sovereign right of the US to close its borders to German goods? It is. I for one prefer to provide access to American markets to those countries that are helpful to the US rather than to those inimical to it.


@zyme (frank)

And who is going to buy our dual use export goods? The new government - installed by the US? very unlikely i guess.
Saddam at least helped our building industry by constructing bunkers and nice residencies. A voted president of iraq wont have such financial capacities.

Not sure where you live in Germany Zyme, but there is a huge 3 day German/Iraq Economic conference taking place in Munich at the moment. The objective of which is to communicate and create contacts for both German and Iraqi buinessmen.

Maybe you'd like to attend and determine for yourself if Germany is being prohibited from the economic opportunities in the country? It seems to me that there has been no such prohabition and your argument is a figment of your imagination...


Throughout the conference recognised experts will be available as speakers and consultants. In addition, German business men, who are already working in Iraq, will report on their experience. At the same time the presence of about 100 selected representatives of Iraqi companies will provide the opportunity to talk about business cooperation.

Take this chance to obtain first-hand information on an involvement in Iraq.

In reference to @zyme's question to @Cousin Dave: "...if we are not welcome here, why not leave the UN and let someone else pay the bills?"

In the eyes of most Americans, the UN is looking more and more like a prime piece of real estate. In fact, in addition to leaving the UN, I think the USA should give the member nations 24 hours to clear out, and then bulldoze the place. I bet New York City could use a new parking lot; seeing as how parking spaces are at such a premium there.

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