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i will be in NY during the election. i am a registered citizen in germany. how can i cast my vote?


It depends on your current residence. If you currently reside in the US, the information above applies to you. If you currently reside in Germany, you want to check with your local authorities on voting via absentee ballot.

thanks...is it just me or did the layout of this site change? looks like an early 90s website right now, no images, just text.

We adjusted things a bit. But it should look similar to before, just a thinner sidebar. If you notice any problems, let us know...

looks very bad in firefox. i cant see any frames and no top-bar.

hmmm...I have explorer and navigator and it looks fine there...could it be the browser settings?

... and it ALWAYS looks good in Safari. ;-)

all right, everything looks fine again.

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