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I would find this to be very interesting. It would give another prespective from Europe.

As in so much of what currently goes on in EU the Swiss have a dog in that fight but at other times do not. So what the view from there might be very enlighening.

The Swiss have a dog in every fight. It's name is Deposits.

This is not a new phenomenon, although it seems to have increased. When I lived in Zurich in the mid-80s, I had several German friends who incorporated consulting businesses in Switzerland (in a low-tax Kanton) although they lived in Germany. Using the time-honored tactics available by Swiss banking laws they were able to "appear" as Swiss residents and thus pay Swiss taxes. I don't know about now, but at that time Swiss federal taxes were comparable to U.S. federal taxes (i.e. a lot less than German taxes).

Additionally, approximately 11K Germans per year vote with their feet and become permanent US residents. In some years, it has been as high as 20K.

Just to add the German-Canadian view here. I moved to this country just before the Berlin Wall came down and I have no regrets. Except, when you live in your chosen country for a while your perspective from that of a tourist changes, and over time, you realize that politics are not that much different than they are in the country you left. While the main reasons I moved here are still there, namely wide spaces and natural beauty, politics in Canada since 1982 has been going towards the complete nanny-state, with all the left-liberal, socialist, micro-managing crap one can imagine.
And yes even here, Anti-Americanism is widespread and has caused some bad tasting relationships with our friends and family here and in Europe. After 9/11 my family is flying a U.S. flag below the Canadian flag and this causes questions or sniping from most visitors to our home. Some even suggest we should burn it.

A lot of Germans live here just on a half-year basis and enjoying all the benefits like 'free' healthcare, seasonal work with government handouts the rest of the time, low taxes and all the tax loopholes that exist.
Many came here with pseudo- or illusionary business proposals, have received Landed Immigrant Status or taken up Canadian Citizenship, then failed and are taking up jobs any Canadian should be qualified for. Some are holding on to their German Citizenship by keeping a residency address in Germany. One can only imagine how they work the tax system in each country. It's hard to say if those who come here and spent money outweigh those who come here and live a freeloader live. In other words both governments have either no clue how their tax and immigration systems are abused, or they don't care.

I'd like to add that "White Russians" is an incorrect translation.
It's Belorussians in English, Weissrussen in German.


Why would some be "holding on to their German Citizenship by keeping a residency address in Germany?" Do you mean holding on to German "residency?" What you said implies to me that they can lose German nationality -- which I don't see as a possibility.

There is indeed no dual citizenship allowed in Germany after January 1, 2002. If you had multiple citizenships before the new 'Staatbürgerschaftsrecht' became law you may be okay. I haven't researched the subject too deeply, but the following will give you more insight.


There seem to be exceptions to the rule however as one can read in the last section here:

and paragraph 25 here:
In any case it appears one is at the mercy of some bureaucrat if one decides to keep the German citizenship after the new law became active.

This is nothing new. Why do you think Europeans (and others) left their homelands over the centuries to populate North America and Australia?

Mikofox, thanks for the info!

This is off topic but very funny and clearly exposes liberal/leftist/socialist bias in the so called "mainstream media"

"CNN "Bullshit Coverage" On Karl Rove"

Lou Dobbs Tonight Show on July 15, 2005, as Lou was introducing a piece on the Rove story.

Lou says, "...Rove testifying that he first learned about Plame from columnist Robert Novak, a CNN contributor. Danna Bash reports."

Immediately after that you can clearly hear a female voice on mic whispering "that's bullshit".

Then Dana Bash continues with her report.

The video clip is attached. You have to listen!


Here's a link which I find VERY insightfuly, and very related to Bush's War in Iraq.

They're moving to Switzerland for lower taxes?!?

Thanks for the link Jeff. I find it "VERY insightfuly" as well.

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