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Are you saying that only pro-Bush folks are pro-American? Well, probably not, but you give the impression that the best way for Europeans to show that they are pro-American is to show support for Bush.

Ray, have you been in Germany about 20 years ago and lived near the GDR-border or in Berlin?
If not, you missed something. We had your blog on GDR-TV every Monday night (what a pity it stopped 1989); although with different actors and under a different name.
Glad we have it back on the web :-)
The Ray D. was a man called Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler and the "blog" was called "Der Schwarze Kanal" (The Black Channel). No-one knew about the internet then so they delivered it via TV...

If you have not seen it - you must get some videos - its amazing - you and "Ede" are like Twins...

ähem - with one difference - I forgot - they shouted ARD and ZDF as too american friendly ...


Prima, prima Käse aus Dänemark.

I briefly lived in Denmark decades ago, and FYI, Danish women are more beautiful, on average, than those of any other country in northern Europe. All these years later, the memory is still vivid.

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