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In case anyone is interested what tax revenue is used for (besides subsidizing windmills) :



Look at this SPON article, it's so typical for their left wing agenda and deception:


It's about a survey, conducted by the ARD (=PBS). The headline reads: "Mehrheit der Deutschen für Überarbeitung" / "Majority of Germans want an overhaul" (of this so called "constitution")

The article claims that 54% want an overhaul..... BUT the last two sentences are:

"Den jetzigen Stand der Integration hielten 27 Prozent für ausreichend. 26 Prozent würden die europäische Einigung am liebsten allerdings rückgängig machen."

27% do not want any deeper Integration, and 26% want to roll back the EU! So a whopping 53% do not want any deeper Integration of the EU. THIS should have been the headline!

Why The French Vote Was Bad For America:

I found this finance management by the government worth a mention:

Wednedsday June 1st From the BBC:

A political storm has broken out in Germany over reports that the government may be distancing itself from the European single currency.

Stern magazine said that Finance Minister Hans Eichel had been present at a meeting where the "collapse" of monetary union was discussed.

The government is planning to blame the euro for Germany's economic weakness, the magazine added.

The report was dismissed by both the ministry and Germany's central bank.

But it comes at a sensitive time for Germany, as the country gears up for a possible early general election following regional poll defeats for Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's ruling Social Democrats (SPD).

The euro dipped sharply when the report came out on Wednesday morning, hitting an eight-month low of $1.2218 by 1600 GMT.

Someone or something else is always to blame... this time the Euro. With this cock up the summer holidays of 80million Germans have just gone up in price if they leave the Eurozone.

I wonder if people will remember this rubbish at election time.

Gerard Baker in the London Times

>>At home, the same moral relativism, bred by years of pampered prosperity, was creating its own destructive forces. Again, egged on by intellectual elites, Europeans were encouraged to despise the civilisation that had nurtured them. The nation state was pronounced a hateful anachronism that had to be replaced by a pan-European superstate. The West’s defining values of enlightened tolerance and freedom were not superior to anyone else’s. Crime was the fault of its own unfair societies.


Doughnut Boy Andy:

>>The government is planning to blame the euro for Germany's economic weakness, the magazine added.

What happened to the American venture capital locusts? BWAHAHAHA!

If the coming Bundestag election goes like the last one, they will not only remember the rubbish, they will believe it.

About the Euro, my wife's relatives insist that there was a huge price jump across the board, when the Euro was introduced. For example, a chocolate bar that cost 0,99DM, then cost 99 cents, double the cost. I've been skeptical, what's the real deal?

The recent outing of "Deep Throat" in the U.S. is, I think, germaine to the theme of this blog.

The Washington Post, CNN, and the rest of the usual suspects have been misty-eyed for days about those golden days of yesteryear, the Watergate era. Ben Stein, as cited by LGF has it right. “Deep Throat” was no hero. He was a man in a position of high public trust who betrayed his office, the FBI, and the man he was supposed to be serving for the most pathetic and abject of self-serving reasons. He’s being touted as a “hero” for exposing the misdeeds of those in high office. He’s about as heroic as a police spy in a banana republic. If he had in any way been motivated by public spirit, and an exceptional craving to serve the greater good of the American people, as he claims, he would, as Henry Kissinger very reasonably pointed out, have openly criticized the President and offered to resign. Instead, he hid in the shadows, knife in hand.

Watergate was, essentially, the media assassination of a sitting President. The MSM in the U.S. in those days had virtually the same stranglehold over the news as the MSM in Germany does now. They used their monopoly of power to get Nixon, a man they hated not only because of the Hiss affair cited by Stein, but, I think more importantly, because he had dared to criticize the bias of the media. Then and now, they portray Nixon as the most evil and corrupt of tyrants, a terrible threat to the very existence of our democracy. What bunk! Nixon was no angel, but his real crime, in the eyes of the media, had nothing to do with Watergate. He committed the unforgivable sins of challenging their monopoly over the reporting of the news and pointing out their obvious bias. Want to see real corruption and criminality? Read any competent biography of Lyndon Johnson, such as the recent work of Robert Caro. For that matter, take a close look into the career of any major politician. You’re likely to find enough dirt for several Watergates. No, the media didn’t take Nixon down because of any noble desire to protect the American people from tyranny and corruption. They took him down because they hated him.

If you didn’t live through Watergate, as I did, and experience first hand how the deed was done, I strongly recommend you go back and read the headlines in, say, the “Washington Post” or “New York Times” for a period of a few weeks at any time during the year and a half or so it took to finish Nixon off. As with any significant historical event, particularly one as susceptible to spin as Watergate, there’s no substitute for going back and looking at the source material firsthand. Every day, day after day, month after month, the headlines were about Watergate, whether there was anything new to report or not. Archibald Cox, Sam Ervin, John Sirica, and anyone else who managed to distinguish themselves by getting in Nixon’s face were deified overnight as our “saviors” from the evil tyrant. The media sank their teeth into Nixon like so many bulldogs, and tore away at him with an incredible, obsessive, merciless single-mindedness. In no way can any fair-minded person who hasn’t already taken sides on Watergate one way or the other go back and look at what passed for “objective reporting” in those days, and conclude that the media were just doing their job of reporting the news without partisanship or rancor.

As Stein points out, Nixon was hardly an ineffective President, and would probably be described as a “liberal” today. If you want to read a rather more accurate portrayal of him then you’re likely to get from his journalistic assassins, take a look at Helmut Schmidt’s autobiography. The outcome of the 20th century’s experiment with Communism might have been far grimmer but for the determined and bitter resistance of Nixon and many others like him, in spite of the glib, mindless assurances of his journalistic detractors that their battle, in Vietnam and elsewhere, was “senseless,” and “criminal.” My advice to anyone with a mind to know the truth about Watergate is, don’t listen to the pundits. Look for yourself.


The Brookings Institution is a liberal think tank. They are the opposite of the Cato Institute.

With that said, the author is probably right. A bitter Europe backsliding into the cesspool of protectionist trade policies and more socialism is not in the long-term interest of the US.

Chirac and Shroeder got a well-deserved spanking the past two weeks. Their political careers are TOAST, and as an American who has witnessed their scapegoating and bashing of my country because of their own failures, their misery gives me a great deal of pleasure.

This is an opportunity for more rational European leaders (there are some) to step up and make the tough changes that EVERYONE KNOWS need to be made, but are afraid to. This may be Europe's best (and final) opportunity. With new leadership and a vastly revised Constitution (one that starts off with "We the citizens of Europe grant the State the following powers..."), Europe won't be facing doom like it is now.

There was a political cartoon in the Boston Globe the other day showing Nixon adding Mark Felt to his enemies list

Not too surprising - except of course it was Nixon in HELL doing this


What exactly did Nixon do that was so bad?

And if Nixon had an enemies list - and I can accept that he did - didn't Clinton as well?

After all - there were the famous FOB ( friends of Bill ) - surely there were EOB eh

@ Jabba

"""About the Euro, my wife's relatives insist that there was a huge price jump across the board, when the Euro was introduced. For example, a chocolate bar that cost 0,99DM, then cost 99 cents, double the cost. I've been skeptical, what's the real deal?"""

I agree that many items took on a 1 to 1 (or nearly 1 to 1) exchange. I usually refer to the pizza margharita (pizza with tomato sauce and cheeze) as an example. Before the €uro, this pizza cost between 5-7 DM; now, they cost about 5-7 €uro. Ordering a glass of red wine to chase it down will cost 4-5 €uro. I don't remember having to pay 8-10 DM for the same glass of wine in the same restaurant.

@ beimami and Pamela

I suppose the next rubbish could be that the locust warriors are dropping the Euro to punish the SPD! With a few months to go before the election these scapegoat conspiracies have time to get more complicated. Still I dont think they can save Schroaders PoPo this time. The election in Iran, a win in the Confed Cup, the CDU bringing out a program of reform and the race might help more.


"With new leadership and a vastly revised Constitution (one that starts off with "We the citizens of Europe grant the State the following powers..."), Europe won't be facing doom like it is now."

LOL So poetic and so true. Now that would be a constitution. What we have is just a very long and complicated list of trading and voting agreements.

@Jabba the Tutt

I am not so good at economic stats but perhaps you can make something out of this: Consumer Price Statistics The table at the bottom probably has the answer in there if anyone understands it.

I personally am not so sure. I know that the Euro was 1-1.95 to the Mark and was generally considered to be 1-2 for ease. I also believe that if something was 99pfennig then 49 cent would then be a loss so the price probably was then set at 59cent. The Euro was weaker than the Mark so again people probably just saw a rise on some goods. A lot of shops also ran parallel prices and then changed over and perhaps due to staffing and confusion they chose this time to put the prices up generally. I am not sure. The Bild Zeitung I think nicknamed the Euro the Teuro. But I dont do a lot of shopping. Perhaps some readers with families could give a better answer because on the few goods i buy the difference wouldnt have been great.

As for some more links. Victor Davis Hanson has written a little critic of the US media here. Those who havent read it should give it and his other stuff a look in. Friday is VDH day! Its interesting to see this and compare it with the Medienkritik here from the site and the comments. Seems that the news is also slanted in the USA but the big difference to me seems to be that there is a range of media there still with different views and that of course US media criticism of US government policy is an essential part of the democratic process where as German media full criticism of US policy acts as a scapegoat and doesnt help democracy at all.

Oh and one more link theme. Here is the NFL Europe website. This weekend is the last match of the league and on the 11th of June is the World Bowl in Dortmund. My team Berlin Thunder are in the final already and despite the anti-US feeling in Germany, the country dominates the NFLEL with only Amsterdam from outside Germany. I advise anyone living near any of the teams to pop down. The standard is OK and the fan culture takes a lot from the USA too with a big party, the motto of Fans are Friends and a very tolerant and welcoming atmosphere. For the real fans there is even a German Football league which is also not bad and enjoyable to watch. Here is the website so find your local team!

pouge, Nixon took over from LBJ, who had to be defended, vigorously, because he was the father of the GREAT SOCIETY (tm). Nixon, of course, volunteered to be the scapegoat for the war, (if you don't believe me just ask Woody and Bernie) at which point every thing that wasn't nailed to the floor was piled on top of him. It was rough but we saved LBJ's legacy, which isn't bad for ten years work. Just ignore the dismantling of LBJ's programs, please.

@ Jubba

The general consensus was that the cost of things went up appreciably after the Euro introduction. Many people stopped going out for dinner because things seemed twice as expensive. Many felt that buusinesses used the Euro to up prices and felt that people would not notice. Politicians claimed on TV that there was no price hike associated with the euro. I for one feel everything got even more expensive.

@Doughnut Boy Andy

Yeah, I was just dissing the German voters for reelecting Schroeder in 2002. You are right of course; absent remarkable divine intervention, Schroeder should be toast this time. I suspect, however, that his real game plan is not to win the election, but to somehow garner enough of the vote to force the CDU into a "grand coalition" with the SDP. He might be able to pull it off.

One should always carry their American Express Gold card.


Perhaps it's futile for America to impose democracy on another country. After all, Germany remains a failure.

Re: Euro

The fact is: there was no increase in inflation as a result of the Euro introduction.

The "general consensus" that things got more expensive has been explained with the fact that the price for some everyday goods indeed did increase. However, this was levelled out by the fact that prices for goods like cars, flights, TVs, etc. remained stable or even went down.
So it´s merely a seeming inflation ("gefühlte Inflation").

Another thing: If I remember correctly, there was an unusually hard winter the year the Euro was introduced. Therefore prices for vegetables skyrocketed. Probably many people attributed this to the Euro.


From Reuters

BERLIN (Reuters) - A huge majority of Germans -- or at least of those who called a hotline run by popular newspaper Bild -- would join the French and Dutch in ditching the European Union constitution if given a vote, the daily said on Friday.

Bild, which has complained EU leaders are now trying to force the treaty through against the will of the people, invited readers on Friday to call in to give their view.

Of the 390,694 calls received before lines closed, 96.9 percent were for "No" and 3.1 percent for "Yes", the paper said in a preview of its Saturday edition.

The poll was not a representative sample.

Germany's upper house of parliament endorsed the EU constitution last month but referendums are ruled out by law.

Well what do you know?!?!?!

Having nothing to do this weekend, save mixing eight, 80lbs bags of concrete, I dithered online and did a Google Image search under the phrase 'leftist losers'

Results here.

A poll being conducted on the www.welt.de Web site asking if you would vote for the EU constitution is, as of this post, 68% AGAINST--32% FOR.


@ Paul

Now, THAT was funny!!!

Read this today in "Die Welt":


It's a part of a speech given by the German Secretary of the Interior Otto Schily IN FAVOR of the US!


Bush's grades at Yale? 77

Kerry's grades at Yale? 76

And W has the higher eye cue!!!


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